Chapter 2: Journey to Jubilife

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The bright morning sun peeked through the window of the once darkened room in the Pokemon center where Kai, Taico, and Wally were spending the night. In the room across the brightly lit hall Akame is already long awake sitting on her single bed with her vulpix sitting on her lap brushing her beautiful orange fur. Suddenly, in the boy's room, Wally's overwhelmingly loud alarm blares to wake him up, instead of it waking Wally both Kai and Taico -along with their pokemon- jolt from their twin bunk bed making Kai hit his head on the underside of the bed. They both look around groggy and confused -Kia still holding his head in pain- at what that blaring noise is and where it's coming from, they both angrily look over at the still sleeping Wally . Wally and his joltik still snore in the bed across the room seemingly not phased by the alarm in the slightest. "I swear that guy could sleep through the return of Arceus" Taico said groggily while rubbing his eyes.

The door swing open and Akame burst in " What was that sound is everybody alright?!" this also made Kai jump so he once again hits his head on the ceiling of the bed. Wally on the other hand is sleeping quietly as if nothing was happening. " ¡Maldición sea Wally! Apaga tu maldita alarma antes de meterla en el culo!" Kai shouts angrily. Taico's eyes widen "I don't know what that meant but I doubt it was very PG." Wally then rolls over and says "uuugh quiet down guys I'm trying to sleep" Akame then starts rubbing her temples and walks over to the bed Wally is currently sleeping in. She reaches down and grabs his ear and immediately starts pulling him out of the bed. "Ow ow ow ow ! What's that for, you guys are the ones that woke me up?!"Wally yelps in pain. Of course as soon as he is out of the bed Akame's face turns bright red and she runs out of the room. Reason being that Wally is in nothing but boxers. Wally raises his brow in confusion. "What's her problem amirite gu-" he starts to say before a pillow hits his face from Taico's bed. "Just hurry up and get dressed!" Taico says in annoyance. Kai is laughing to himself about what happened before wincing in pain from his still aching head.

As the group sits down at one of the tables in the pokemon center to eat their breakfast Akame is still a little flustered and refuses to even look at Wally. Of course he hasn't even noticed though( Kai on the other had definitely noticed as he keeps laughing quietly to himself) Taico attempting to break the really awkward silence at the breakfast table clears his throat before saying "So have we decided what we are doing once we get to Jubilife" hoping this would be enough to spark a conversation. "I mean I guess we can just check out the city and look for a place to train" Wally says with his mouth half full. "I know that there is a Pokémon trainer school in Jubilife City. Do you guys want to check it out?" Replies Akame as she uses a napkin wipe her mouth. "I don't really have problem with that as long as me and Pancham get to battle. What about you Kai?" says Taico after finishing his plate. "I definitely have to train for my first contest in Jubilife so that sounds great!" says Kai excitedly. "Alright then it's settled once we get to Jubilife it's off to the trainer school." Wally says once again not finished chewing his food beforehand.

The group finishes their meal and thank nurse Joy before leaving the Pokémon Center. Afterwards they grab some needed supplies at the local mart before heading down to Route 202.

"Wow this is so exciting to finally be starting my journey" Kai says as the group begins there walk to Jubilife. "I know the feeling I've been wait for this my whole life" replies Taico. "Now that I think about it. I haven't thought to ask, but what made you guys come all the way to sinnoh?" Akame asks curiously.

"Ooo Ooo I'll go first. Well, i wanted to become a coordinator ,but I failed my test in the Hoenn region where Pokemon contests are the biggest. So I had to pick a new region to try again in. My options where Kanto and Sinnoh-because they are the only other regions that hold contests- so I flipped a coin heads was Sinnoh, tails was Kanto it ended up heads. It was probably for the best I start in a new region anyway considering my dad is a top coordinator in Hoenn." explained Kai.

"Oh that's why you're so excited for the contest in Jubilife." Taico says while enjoying the scenery of the route "So what about you Akame, why did you come to Sinnoh?" Wally says still oblivious to the fact she had been ignoring him."Well it's kind of complicated. I was well known because of my father so anything time I did something it was only because I was his daughter. I decided when I turned 16 I would go to another region and start from scratch. I love my father and all and he sees me as my own person but I need to prove to myself that I can make it without standing in his shadow." explained Akame with a serious look on her face. "Wow. That's pretty deep." says Taico . " I know the feeling "says Kai"my dad is already famous in my region so I wanted a fresh start too."

"My parents are pretty amazing trainers too. They are pretty well known in Unova my home region, they even started an organization to prevent pokemon abuse." Wally says looking at some starly flying overhead. "Does that have something to do with why you came to Sinnoh?" Akame asks curiously. "Yeah. My parents were talking about the how number of abused pokemon in sinnoh was getting pretty big. So I decided I would come here and do something about it to impress them." says Wally with a cheesy grin on his face.

"Well I guess that just leaves me huh?" says Taico after listening to everyone else. "Yeah go ahead." Kai replies waiting for Taico's story. " I guess you could say I'm here because of my brother. He is a gym leader back in Kalos, leads the fighting type gym there like our mom did. I always looked up to him, but I've also always looked up to all gym leaders , even decided I was going to be one. When he found out I wanted to lead a dark gym he treated me a lot differently. He hates dark types, says they are evil and not fit for a gym, but I think he's wrong I'm going to become strong on my own. When I return to Kalos I'll be strong enough to take my place as a gym leader and prove to him the power of dark types." Taico finishes as the group arrives at the entrance to Jubilife.

"Well I guess we are here". Says Wally. "Good took us long enough. Let's head in-" Kai begins to say before he's cut of by a voice. A boy about our age walks up. He's wearing shorts and a white t-shirt with a pokéball on it, not to mention the stereotypical backwards hat. "You guys look like pokémon trainers, so by the Pokémon League's official rules I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!" says the kid so excitedly it reminds the group of Kai. Taico walks forward "Alright then bring it on!" he says holding his pokéball in front of him.   

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