Erela is pronounce Er-re-la. Like the end of cinderella. 


Conrad POV

"Are you sure this is the right place?" I asked Don in confusion.

"Yeah. This is where my cousin said his friend is working. Said there was a couple hundred wolves living out here." Said Don, just as perplexed as us. We pulled up to the entrance of something that didn't resemble pack lands. The fencing around the perimeter of the place was high and had cameras dotted around the edge of it. The security measures were extreme. Too extreme for a common pack. 

"What did he say they did out here?" I asked.

"Some kind of mining and other stuff. He wasn't too clued in on the details." 

Guess that explained the fencing. Whatever they were digging up must have been valuable. We pulled up to the entrance. Armed guards were by the door. Big burly guys who looked more suited to prison than fencing. I rolled down the window and my eyes were directly in line with the guard’s hands. The veins on his hands were the size of my fingers. His hand was the size of my head. Gazing up slowly I couldn't help but swallow. The trail of terrifying tattoo's that peak out of his collar wrapped around a neck the size of a thick tree trunk. He was big and his fellow guards were equal in stature.

"Good day. Welcome to Red Rock Corporation. How may I help you?" He asked, his voice deeper than the center of the earth. Worst yet, the firm gaze and manner in which he studied the car showed that he was anything but helpful. I felt smaller if that was even possible.

"I am here looking for someone. Uhh, what was the name of the boss your cousin said?" I asked looking to Don.

"Hagan. He said the man in charge was Hagan." Said Don, looking at the guard in disbelief.

"Yeah. I am here to see Hagan." I said, to the guard.

"Is he expecting you?" Grunted the guard, his arm resting on his gun. The weapon was clearly custom made to match his stature. His fingers would have never fitted into the trigger of a normal weapon. It made me wonder how big the bullets was.

"No. He is not." I replied, feeling like I made a mistake not making an appointment.

"What is your business here?" He asked

"It's personal." I replied.

"Personal business would have meant Hagan would be expecting you. Which he is not? State your business or leave." He replied, his voice unwavering.

"What the hell kinda pack is this?" Mumbled my father under his breath.

"The kind that has valuable property on it and doesn't want it hauled out by outsiders. If we protect our front lines then we worry less. Not that we do. Our families are in there. Why? How do you protect your pack?" He asked us, his tone chastising my dad into silence.

"We are looking for someone. This girl in the picture. She has my child." I said handing the photograph of Ivy over to him.

"Doesn't look like you cared for her that much with your arm slung around some hussy’s waist." He said.

"It doesn't matter, she has my child. I need to talk to your boss Hagan to find if she is or was here." 

"Step out of the vehicle and wait on the side. Hand over your ID's please." He said. We all reached for our ID’s, whilst another guard began to search our car.  The first man walked back to the entrance and called Hagan. Our ID’s was scanned into the computer and a record was made of our arrival. The guard that checked our car nodded to the other.