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Pen Your Pride



A week had passed since I'd moved back. So far everything had been okay Rafael and I had been getting along, for Ariella of course.

Unfortunately, I was getting ready to go to a Charity Gala with Rafael tonight. One of his business associates was hosting it. The charity that we were donating to was Save The Children. Rafael and I were going to be donating £50,000. Although most of it was his money I gave £500 because I wanted to contribute myself.

Rafael surprised me with a dress which was beautiful and I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it. It was a royal blue loose mermaid dress. Slightly glittery on the bodice with a beaded strap. It was simple yet formal. There was a thin line showing just a little cleavage and it was a somewhat halter neck. My jewelry was simple and elegant, royal blue gems outlined with diamonds. I had never felt this glammed up before. Well, probably because it had been so long.

I kept my makeup simple as well, just a nude transitional eye and nude lip. My nails were matte blue and silver. He went all out to pamper me. My hair was down in its natural waves. Although we were divorced, not many people chose to acknowledge it. He was a very public figure but, thank goodness, people didn't really intervene and I was glad. I wasn't ready to see all these people again and I didn't know how to feel about that.

These gala's can get really boring but I was excited today as it was a charity gala. I had always enjoyed the charity events and the stories the people would tell.

Once I was done getting ready, I went downstairs to have some water and to see how Ariella was doing. I found her playing with Rafael. I took in what he was wearing and, may I say, he looked dashing. His tux was breathtaking, custom-made and tailored to perfection. It was navy and black. His hair was styled back and looking professional, yet messy.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." He teased arrogantly. I rolled my eyes and went over to pick Ariella up and bounced with her. He joined in and tickled her sides. "You look beautiful." He told me sincerely.

"Thank you." I replied with a blush.

My phone rang and I accepted as it was Nailah, "Hey, how have you been?" I asked as I ate a few grapes. "I'm good, guess what?" She asked excitedly, "What?" I asked, I myself was becoming giddy off of her excitement.

"Isaac asked me to be his!" She squealed. I gasped and smiled, "Nailah! Bless him, he finally did something right." I laughed and she chuckled along with me. I heard a faint mumble of Isaac saying, 'I heard that'. I couldn't help but snort.

"The car is ready, let's go." Rafael whispered over my shoulder, the goosebumps appeared on my skin from his close proximity.

Nodding I told Nailah, "Nailah I have to go but I hope to see you at the gala."

"Oh okay, see you then." The call disconnected and Rafael took my hand, leading me to the front door. Lena rushed over to me with my purse in her hand, I almost forgot it. "Here you go Milli, enjoy yourself, you too Rafael." We both nodded and I took my purse from her with a thank you. As we left the house a car, black Alfa Romeo to be exact, pulled up on the curb. Rafael opened the door for me and I sat down on the maroon leather seat. The interior was beautiful, Rafael entered and started the car.

The gala was in Central London so it was only about a thirty minute drive. I quickly got bored and decided to make small talk whilst he was driving. "You look very nice today, you clean up well." I complimented him. "I know, but thank you." There he was being arrogant again. This time he spoke up first. "Our wedding is next month, on Monday we will start preparations it will be small and no press." It took me a few seconds to grasp what he said, I had completely forget that I had to marry him again. I didn't know what I wanted anymore but I had made a deal. "Don't you think it's too soon?" I asked and he looked at me as if I had said something bizarre, "If I didn't care about your opinion we would've been married a week ago." He told me with finality. Not wanting to 'talk' anymore I looked at the scenery.

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