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"Slow down mutt!"

I felt the collar around my neck be yanked back and I whimpered.

"She's not even a mutt. She doesn't have a wolf, what a disappointment. We're doing her family a favor."

Both men laughed and I cried more. What could I do? I was a child. A helpless, lonely child.

I know what my brother would do. He wouldn't cry or yell, he'd be strong and keep walking. I was never the strong one. He always was the center of attention, even before he shifted and I didn't. I was never jealous though, I loved my brother and his accomplishments. I always pictured myself next to him when he became alpha, holding his hand and smiling while mom and dad looked on with pride in their eyes.

I remember when I was younger always wanting to be like my mom. She was a mermaid and my father was a werewolf, and I guess I was a "failed hybrid" you could say. She would take me out by the ocean and I would watch her swim and swim and I would swim with her for hours. My brother took after my father and I remember the jealousy running through my veins when he shifted and I didn't. I was 18 now, I've pretty much have lost hope at this point. I wasn't like any of them.

I don't understand what....happened...that night...still. It was all so normal, then...they came. These monsters pulling me on my chain. These killers.

I remember it like it was yesterday, not seven years ago. I didn't understand why they took me, but now I did. They wanted revenge on my pack and thought taking the alpha's daughter was their best bet. I understand now why, but it doesn't make it any more right. I don't even feel right calling it "my" pack anymore. I can barely remember their faces. I think they've forgotten me by now, since no ones come.

At first I waited almost every night when they weren't torturing me to come through that door, but after the first two years I slowly lost hope. Now I don't have any. I'm not mad at them, but don't miss them. I just don't feel anything anymore. They took that away from me.

"Wake up bitch. Its breakfast."

I felt the protein bar hit my face while I was lost in thought pretending to sleep. I opened my eyes and sat up and ate it in silence. John doesn't deserve my words.

Iv'e come to learn all they're names over the past years. I didn't care, but I thought it might be useful in the future. They fed me two cheap protein bars a day, which is better than nothing I guess. I don't understand why they still keep me here since my family obviously isn't coming back. I haven't even seen the alpha in what, like, three years?

Sometimes the men would touch me but I was still a virgin which I was thankful for. That was the only thing they haven't taken from me.

After I finished the bar I stood up and stretched before brushing the dirt off my dress. They had me wear the same damn clothes until around 2 years ago I protested enough that they got me this dress that fits better than when I was 11. I've worn it ever since.

"Can I go outside today?"

I leaned against the bars and looked at John and Marty as they played Go Fish. Assholes.

"You know your not allowed to dumb bitch. Stop fucking asking."

Marty spat his gum out on the ground and asked John if he had any 4's.

"Sometimes I am. But you probably have your head up your ass too much of the time to notice."

"Shut your mouth whore!"

Marty threw his empty beer bottle at me but I quickly dodged it. I had so much built up energy from being in here. Especially around the full moon, I get real bad anxiety and practically tear at the walls to get out. I haven't figured out why yet.

"Your zippers down Marty."

"I said shut it! It's not- oh."

Marty quickly fixed his zipper then pushed his chair back while John leaned over and looked at his cards while Marty's back was turned coming toward me.

"I don't like your attitude. Maybe we better straiten you up."

Marty took out the wooden plank I've been hit with many times before. I didn't even flinch, but walked up to the bars and flipped him off before I saw the board coming towards my head and everything went black.

"Wake up! Wake up now! Hurry up!"

I felt someone kicking my side and I groaned. My head was throbbing and my heartbeat was in my throat.

"What the-?"

John grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet and pushed me out the door.

"Where are we-"

"The alpha called for you."

Well, this is going to be interesting.

John freed my of my chains for the first time in months and I instantly rubbed my wrists from soreness.

"Move it bitch."

I smirked and turned around getting right up in his face.

"What are you-"

"Actually, my name is Ariella."

And with that I swung my fist towards his jaw.

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