Hyemi's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of bacon and realized I was in a strange and unfamiliar room. The room was themed brown and black, with the glass walls covered with beautiful black curtains. I yawned and took off the embroidered sheets to look around.

"Right. So I was kidnapped last night by a man named Yoongi and now I'm in this modern room. Great Hyemi, Your mom is going to kill you!" I scolded myself.

I saw a pair of boxers and shirt sitting on the dresser along with a note telling me to change into them if I found my clothes uncomfortable while sleeping. Yeah right ... like I would change into a man's clothes who I don't even know.

I walked up to the door and tried opening it but it was locked. I sighed and went to the bathroom to relieve myself and wash my face which was a great idea because the bath tub was so fancy that I just decided to take a bath. Who knows when I get the chance to use these luxuries again.

I didn't want to change into the same clothes so I decided to wear the clothes Yoongi left me and sat on the bed, bored and hungry. Suddenly the door to my room was opened and a young handsome guy entered. Are kidnappers usually handsome?

"Good morning. I'm Jungkook" He introduced himself and brought me a tray filled with delicious breakfast.

"Uh hi.." I trailed off awkwardly. I didn't know whether I should tell him my name or not but he just smiled at me. I looked at the breakfast then back at him, contemplating to eat it. He nodded his head and told me to go ahead. "I hope it isn't poisoned" I mumbled to myself as I ate.

"Don't worry. Jin hyung makes the best food here and wouldn't poison it" He said.

"Why was I kidnapped?" I asked after eating some of the food. It was delicious but I didn't like to eat in the morning or I would throw up. "Where's that Yoongi guy? And how many hyungs do you have anyway?" I questioned.

"I understand your confusion but I cannot answer your questions right now." He said and left the room with the tray.

"Wait!" I shouted and he stopped to turn around and look at me. "I'm bored. What am I supposed to do locked up in a room?" I asked causing Jungkook to chuckle.

"I'll be back in an hour with Taehyung. You can watch TV until then" He pointed at the LED that sat in front of the huge king-sized bed. Who's Taehyung? Gosh... is this place filled with guys? Are kidnappers supposed to give their victims such luxuries? Why did they kidnap me anyway? It's not like I'm pretty or anything.

"You are pretty" Jungkook said with a smirk just as he was about to close the door leaving me in a state of shock. 'Oh my god... I think these guys can read minds!' I thought while he locked the door and left me alone.

I jumped off the comfy bed and fixed it due to old habits and went to my pile of clothes. I think I might have my phone in one of the pockets if Yoongi hasn't taken it away. Voila! I found my flip phone and took it out quickly checking the battery. Only 3% left... shit I need to call someone important.

The police? But how will they find this place? Plus these guys haven't been harsh to me so taking a step to such high measures would be a bad idea. Maybe that Yoongi guy is a secret stalker or something and we're in a Korean drama. 'Shut up Hyemi! This is real life' I slapped myself to snap to reality.

"I think I'll just call Mijoo" I mumbled while looking in the mirror. Yes, I have a habit of talking to myself when I'm alone. I dialed my best friend's number and she picked up on the first ring.

"HYEMI! WHERE ARE YOU? You're mother is worried sick?" She shouted and I pulled the phone away from my ear.

"Jesus! You want to burst my ear drum?" I whispered, scared that someone might listen. "Now listen to me clearly. I have been kidnapped-"

"KIDNAPPED?" she screamed in horror and I rolled my eyes and told her to shut up and let me speak.

"Yes, but they aren't doing anything bad to me which is why I need you to come and save me. I'm in the forest behind that old bus station. You need to find a huge mansion within this hour before the guys return. I have to go soon so be quick and help me." I quickly finished before my phone shut down.

I didn't give her any time to reply and ended the call.

Sighing, I hid the phone back in my clothes and walked up to the curtains. I removed them and gasped at the beautiful view. It was like the landscapes we always see on desktop wallpapers. It was amazing how the trees covered the lower part of the huge mountains with the sky blue background and the sun standing in the middle in all its glory.

I was so mesmerized with the view that I didn't hear the door clicking open and someone entering the room quietly to stand behind me. I felt a cold had on my shoulder and jumped in surprise to look at who was behind me.

"Y-Yoongi" I stuttered when I saw his handsome face and took a step back. He studied my figure and looked me in the eyes.

"You changed into my clothes" He muttered and inhaled my scent weirdly.

"I-I'm sorry, I thought-" He cut me off with a smirk and took a step forward to stare at me intensely causing me to shut up. I had to look up at him since he was so much taller than me and stared back. It was oddly inviting to look into his eyes; I felt comforted as if he was someone I knew and shouldn't be scared of.

"What's your name?"

"What's your name?"

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