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(if you haven't, please read the introduction before you go further into this story. it will give you a better understanding of what's happening.)


yoongi hated parties.

that was a fact his friends had to live with. that was a fact that had classified the male as the 'party pooper' of the entire campus. despite the continuous persisting of his friends — especially hoseok — yoongi still refused to attend the parties he had been invited to. he didn't just hate parties — he despised them. he would rather be in his room, all snuggled up as he scrolled through his feed.

so why? why was he at one right now? that, he doesn't even know the answer to.

"loosen up, yoongi!" hoseok, the host of the party, gave him a sloppy smile as he pushed a drink towards the male. "you didn't come here to act all mopey!"

yoongi heaved a sigh. hoseok was definitely drunk and that was a bad thing. drunk hobi meant absolute trouble. he was twice as touchy and a hundred times louder than he already was, which was bad. yoongi stared at hoseok who was currently pushing the drink towards him without a second thought. yoongi wondered how he, himself, would deal with his friend's hangover later on.

when yoongi made it clear that he wouldn't accept hoseok's drink, the drunk male let out an inhuman whine, grabbing yoongi's wrists roughly and started dragging him to who-knows-where.

"hoseok," yoongi warned. "jung hoseok!"

hoseok ignored his protests and continued to drag him. after continuous attempts of trying to get away from the drunk's strong grip, yoongi finally gave up. yoongi saw hoseok grin at this, causing him to sigh. hoseok seemed to be heading towards a large group of friends with drinks in their hands, screaming and partying. yoongi immediately whipped his head towards hoseok, shaking his head desperately.

hoseok, who noticed yoongi's expression, chuckled.

"don't worry, we're not going to that group," he shook his head. "we're going to that."

yoongi followed the direction of hoseok's finger, only to see a circle of friends playing card games intensley. he didn't see who the people were yet, judging by the distance, so he narrowed his eyes to get a good look. once he could see their faces clearly, he slapped hoseok playfully in the arm.

"idiot. you didn't tell me they were going to be here. i would've been less unhappy if i've known they were attending," yoongi said.

hoseok giggled. "sorry yoongi. we figured you wouldn't interact with others when you know we're at the party. jin-hyung thought this was the best for you to be able to meet new people, but it didn't work, so it doesn't really matter anymore."

yoongi inwardly facepalmed.

"guys!" hoseok called out, waving the drink in his hand. they turned around, about to greet him back as well, but the second they saw yoongi, it seemed like a wave of guilt washed over them.

jimin laughed nervously. "didn't work out, huh?"

"obviously not but thanks for the effort," yoongi said. jimin scooted over, creating space for yoongi to sit on. taehyung did the same thing for hoseok.

"so what're you silly boys doing?" yoongi asked, his eyes fixed on the cards each person had in their hands. jungkook grinned, flipping his card to the front, revealing nothing but black content. "we're playing killer killer."

a series of gasps resonated from the circle.

"i knew you were the killer!" namjoon yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the younger. jungkook shot him a smug look, arms crossing.

"another unfortunate loss for the cop," jin muttered, flipping his own card that revealed red. everyone bursted out laughing as jin lowered his head in shame, sighing at his luck.

"that's like the tenth time yet, hyung," taehyung said in between laughs.

"eleventh," jimin corrected, laughing.

"killer killer?" yoongi repeated. "isn't that the game you guys have been playing nonstop for the past few weeks?"


"is the game really that fun for you guys to ditch your studies for?" yoongi asked curiously. jimin immediately nodded his head vigorously, his eyes brightening at the mere question.

"yes, very!" he squealed excitedly, clasping his hands together. "you should try it, hyung!"

"i don't think—"

"jungkook! shuffle the cards!"

yoongi sighed and everyone's faces brightened up. jungkook took the cards from everyone and started to shuffle them, showing off tricks here and then, causing everyone to laugh. a small smile tugged at the corners of yoongi's lips. as jungkook was busy doing his thing, namjoon explained the rules to yoongi thoroughly.

"i'll pass out the cards now," jungkook said, cards faced down. he gave out the cards fairly quickly. once yoongi received his card, he flipped it right away, revealing nothing but blue content. citizen.

all of them played multiple rounds, laughing and all. yoongi was enjoying himself as well, much to his surprise. it had been like this for a couple of hours until the rest of the people slowly decreased in number — until they were the only ones left.

"i'm not playing anymore," yoongi yawned. "i'm tired."

jin nodded, a tired expression on his face. "same. we've been at it for hours."

"aw, c'mon!" hoseok pouted, along with the rest of the members. jin looked at yoongi, as if asking him if he would want to play one last game. yoongi said nothing for a moment until he had seen the rest of his friends' hopeful faces. he sighed, nodding exhaustedly. everyone rejoiced loudly, throwing the cards at jungkook all at once.

"okay, chill. gosh," jungkook told them, gathering all the cards from the floor. everyone had conversations of their own as jungkook shuffled the cards, which was quite saddening for the younger since he obviously forced himself to learn some tricks. he handed out cards to everyone. as each received theirs, a few managed to release some fake gasps to add effect.

yoongi flipped his card over. officer.

that meant he had the ability to let his eyes roam freely to catch the killer. he narrowed his eyes, both trailing from one person to another. he tried not to make it that obvious he was the cop in order for him to fool the killer. no one really seemed suspicious—

"i'm dead."

the lights went off.

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