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He takes his left hand and runs it all up and down my body. He then searches for my bra strap and rubs his cock against my skin as he uses both hands to unhook my bra. It was a strapless bra so he could take it off after he tied me up. He then places soft kisses against my stomach ad he slips my panties off. I'm laying down naked in front of my Daddy. I want him. I want to feel his cock inside of me. I want to feel him and I want him. I just want Daddy inside me.

"Baby girl. What do you want?"

"I want to feel you inside of me, Daddy."

"Anything else."

I pout. "Please pleasure me until I can't be pleasured anymore and let me feel your warm liquid inside of me Daddy."

"Baby girl. Say it." he demands.

"Fuck me, Daddy!"

"Very well." A smile crosses his face.

He takes his dick and rubs it against my opening, making me whimper. He's teasing me. I gasp as I feel his large cock being slowly slipped into my tight opening. I purr like a kitten. He only puts a little bit inside of me but I feel him move slowly back and forth. Each stroke causes him to go further inside of me. Before I know it, his entire shaft is inside of my tight pussy and I feel his balls against my ass.

His thick cock is stroking in and out of my pussy, faster and harder as he goes. Slight moans escape my lips and I bite my cheek to stop them. I arch my back as he goes faster and faster. I can hear the slight grunts escaping from him. I begin to moan faster. I can't control it.

He keeps going and right when I'm about to cum, he pulls out. "Time for a new position baby girl."

He rolls me over so my arms are crossed in front of me and he has me on my knees. I feel him slide his cock back inside of me. He starts of slow but goes faster and faster. I can't hold it in. "Daddy!!"

"Go ahead baby girl. Cum again for Daddy."

He goes faster and faster and finally I cum. He won't stop. He keeps going, like he said he would. I feel weak. I can't hold up much more. He keeps going faster and faster.

Soon, I feel warm liquid inside of me. Daddy grunts and pulls out. I see his cock in front of my face. "Clean up for me baby girl." I do as I'm told.

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