Chapter 19 guilt?

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Katie's POV

I walk into the room where my mother is, she is still asleep, and surprisingly my dad has not left her side. If he loves her so much then why in the world does he hate me, always hits me when he thinks i did something wrong. It just doesn't add up.

"We're leaving...NOW!" i totally forgot about Tristan when i saw the sight of my mother and father. He is so mad at me. I mean i kneed him in an area where it is sensitive to all men.

I'm sure i had that fear look in my eyes, i mean who wouldn't, Tristan scares me, but for some reason i felt braver today than any other day.

"I'm not leaving my mom here alone" i hissed, i don't know why i said that, but  i think it is because i am trying to avoid going home in case he hurts me or something.

He walks closer to me, and i walk further away from him, slowly, not wanting to create a scene in the hospital.

My father looked at the both of us, tell you the truth, we almost seemed like a real family except the truth lies beneath closed covers. My father hates me, and my so called husband, is a killer, who can kill me whenever he needs to.

"Uh...visiting hours are over" the doctor came in and announced that, so only my dad can stay i had to leave along with my enemy who was about to grab me when the doctor came in.

"We were just leaving" Tristan said with an evil smile, i could not make a scene so i went with him reluctantly.

Tristan grabs my arm and drags me with him out of the hospital, i wonder what is going to happen when we get home...whatever it is, i just hope i will still be able to see the next day.

We get in the car, i was really nervous, it was quiet and i could feel tension in the air, very thick tension.

"That wasn't a very nice thing you did" he said in a mocking voice, but i could hear the coldness in his tone.

I stayed quiet, i really didn't mean to hurt him, but i was scared and he was in my way i just wanted to hit him enough where i would have time to run, but i guess i hit the wrong spot.

"What you run out of words to say?" he asked his voice filled with venom.

We reached his house, i just wanted to run to my room and lock the door, i thought i was cold but instead i was honestly shaking, all the bravery i had earlier completley vanished away. Tristan came to my side of the door before i could open it myself, he grabbed my arm and i followed him to my doom. I think Tristan noticed i was shaking because he let go as if he been burned or something. But why would he care?

"Why are you shaking?" he asked his voice filled with concern? I'm telling you i think he has bipolar, or something.

"I'm cold" i went with the best i could come up with. But the truth was i was scared.

WE went in the house and he sigh really loudly, i ran up to my room, i didn't want to even think about if he was running after me or not.

Later that night i couldn't sleep, i needed...comfort, which i was never going to get, i knew that for sure.

I went down stairs to get a glass of milk, i look at the time at it is 3 am. Ugh three more hours until the sun comes up, then i could go for a run it releases my stress.

i open the fridge and suddenly i shut the door...BAAM!!! I gasp...I drop the milk, Tristan was standing right there behind me.

"Oh my Gosh Tristan, you scared me half to death" i whispered terrified.

"I'm sorry" he mumbled, wow that's the first, i almost didn't hear him. I picked up the milk and put it away i didn't feel like drinking milk anymore.

My heart is beating like i just ran a marathon...It was because of two things, Tristan scared me and what was he doing awake? Was he trying to kill me in my sleep?

I turn to face him, and he was walking towads me so i went with my instincts i an idiot i ran up the stairs, him hot on my heels...........

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