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"I'll put this away for some later time." I hear Daddy say.

There is a burst of light as Daddy pulls the blanket off of me. "Now where were we?" He turns on the vibrating dildo and slowly presses it against my panties. It vibrates against my tender skin and I feel the tingling sensation running through my body. He turns it up so the vibrating gets faster and he pushes it more against my panties. I bite my lip as it pleasures me.

"D-Daddy." I stutter.

"Yes, baby girl?"

"I-I'm gonna-"

"Cum for me baby girl."

Within seconds I cum. The moans cut through the almost silent air around us. He won't pull the dildo away so it keeps pleasuring me but I can't hold it in. I keep moaning and try to move so it's no longer pressed against me. I'm caught with the ropes and I just have to keep feeling the movement against my soft, tender, and now wet skin. I keep moaning.

"That's good, baby girl." he says as he pulls away. "Now you know how it'll be. I'm not gonna stop when you cum. I'm going to keep going. I'm going to fuck you hard and you are going to deal with it even after you're done. Got it?"

I bite my lip and smile. "Yes, Daddy."

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