But Daddy!!

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"Baby girl you've been naughty. Lay down and do as Daddy says."

"But Daddy!!" I whine.

"Don't whine baby girl. Do as I tell you."

"Fine." I lay down on the bed. Daddy towers over me and begins removing my clothes seductively. He unbuttons my flannel, revealing my black lace bra. He slips my shirt off of me then moves down, kissing my skin as he goes. Each little kiss sends sparks through my body and gives me a tingling feeling.

"Baby girl you're doing great. Usually you begin to giggle and you go into Littleland. This time I actually get to have you." he whispers against my skin.

He slowly unbuttons my jeans, showing black lace panties that match my bra. He slips my pants off so I'm only in my matching bra and panties.

"Scoot." he demands. I do as I'm told and scoot farther up the bed. I sit up and watch my Daddy. He goes over to his dresser and opens up one of the drawers. Inside is a rope. "Lay back down baby girl." he says.

"Yes, Daddy."

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