Together Forever~Robstar~

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Chapter 4.

♥♥Robin's point of view♥♥

so I was walking very scared of what happened last night. I did not know what happened its like another me!! So I was getting some breakfast then a saw cyborg looking at star with a happy face.

"So starfire your date went well right?" Cyborg stabbed his waffles with a fork.

"what do you mean friend cyborg?" Starfire looked very confused.

"You look in a good mood today" Cyborg explained to Starfire.

"huh... oh yes It went well"

I wondered if she was happy because I kissed her or because she was with Dylan. But thinking about the actions she did when I kissed her... It was probably because of Dylan why she is happy.

"I'm glad you are happy star" Cyborg got a piece of waffle on his fork and ate it.

"Dude, never seen starfire this happy" Beastboy come in the kitchen to eat his usual breakfast, Tofu eggs.

Maybe she liked Dylan after all. Ugh! About the kiss the other day..better tell her it was an accident so it won't be awkward between us. Its a very good plan right? Try to keep it low.

♥♥starfire's point of view♥♥

I was so happy not because I went out with Dylan only because Robin kissed me for the first time!! It was just so magical!

knock knock

"who is it"

"Robin we need to talk"


"starfire about last night I am sorry  for kissing you"he looked serious and confused.

"oh...its okay"

"hope you could forgive me"he said scratching his head with the right hand.

"I do forgive you but..."

"but it was a mistake I made"

My eyes widen and my heart broke in little pieces when he said it was mistake! So my beliefs, my hopes that he liked me back was only a mistake?

"Star...are you okay?" He asked after I didn't answer nor move from the spot I was standing.

"why do you ask friend Robin? "

" look sad"

" just thinking about my um..parents..." I had to lie.

"Star... don't worry..I'm sure they think about you  too! They probably miss you"

I gave out a sight while looking at the ground "I'm..sure...they do." Robin did not know about my parents being dead.

♥♥Robin's point of view♥♥

I though she was sad so I asked but I knew she was lying that she was sad about her parents.

"Starfire I know your ly-" I was cut off by a random question from starfire.

"so are we friends are the more?"

There was that question again, but I did not know what to answer. I only looked at the ground. I finally looked up.

She was looking at me with her beautiful green eyes.

"Robin please answer my question are we the FRIENDS or MORE?" She was getting mad.

"umm...well...." I felt kind of unsure like she did.


me:Today we have starfire with us

starfire:why hello...nice to met you!

me: yeah me too

starfire: can we be the friends please say yes!!

me: um.. sure....


me: um.. star you hugging me tight o_O

starfire:oh I am the sorry

me:I have a surprise for you!:D

starfire: really ?what is the surprise friend Mary?

me: ROBIN! :)

Robin:Again with this show I hate you !-.-

me:well your going to hate me more because starfire is here!!!

starfire:Greetings friend Robin

me: more like boyfriend robin!>:)

Robin: -.-'

Starfire:huh? I did not get it?

me:you will soon bye for now!:)

starfire: Comment for me if am your favorite! :D

Robin: vote if am your favorite! :)

me:Follow if you like this story. bye Teen titans fans and goodnight! :D

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