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[A/N] So this is my new story and I have a lot of ideas for how this is going to play out. I know that the first chapter may seem boring but I had to complete this scene for it to proceed to the bigger story. Plus its only the first part of it. :) Enjoy, vote, comment, and follow.

Then sun's ray shone through the curtains, meeting my face with a subtle burn. Turning my back to the light I continued to lay in my bed half asleep. However that peace was soon disturbed by the rattle of my door as Clarice, my maid entered.

"Oh, meh' lady. It is time for you to wake; there is much to do today. We must get you ready for the wedding."

"Oh how could I forget, it is my wedding," I uttered the word 'wedding' bitterly.This was not how I had imagined my wedding nor was it to the man I had expected. Seeing as though I am being sold for a mere deal I cannot really consider this a "wedding," no no this was a business deal. Purely satisfying the dealers and thereby sealing my fate to god knows who. My father would not have bided me off to man twice my age however, my faith in him is certainly lacking. Francis Blake the Third, Father, as I liked to call him, was the resident duke in our lands- a duke by lineage and duke by money. He had taken the money we had from family and invested in business endeavours of people who seemed to have the right idea.

From that we were to scrounge a couple of dollars and with a couple years of this we managed to save up quite a bit. A bit of money that was enough to completely cover our family for the next couple generations. Sighing, I rose from my soft bed and softly padded towards the bathroom knowing Clarice was in tow. There was no need for me to speak, many mornings have gone in which I did not utter a single word; I was not the talker in the family. My mother, Geneva- was. She covered for more than enough of the talking at every socially acceptable gathering we attended.

Stripping off my thin nightgown I slipped into the basin soaking in the rose scent and warm water. Clarice entered soon after beginning her daily chores of readying me. I was more than capable to wash myself and despite my consistent objects Clarice remained adamant on serving me, bless her soul. Quickly finishing my bath, I dried off with the soft towel I was handed and slipped on my undergarments. Clarice ushered me out of the bathroom and straight into my wedding dress. It was a beautiful dress long and simple. Made from pure silk it wrapped around my chest tightly and flowed out from hips in a graceful drop. Small crystals lined the bodice in a swirl starting from the left side of my chest until it reached my hip on the right. Considering my absolute rejection in this wedding and considering the fact I am still getting married, I suppose this dress was something I deserved. My black hair was styled in an elegant braid letting my natural curls be visible. I was blessed with both of my parents' features soft face and pouty lips from my mother while the curly hair and electric blue eyes my father.

A quick knock on my door and in entered a page.

"Meh lady they are calling for you."

Taking one last look into the mirror I walked out of my room into my impending doom. Clarice stayed behind as servants were not allowed to be present there. It was time I got married, three hours had passed by so quickly and it was time for me to get married. Laughter bubbled out of my throat as the obvious disbelief was evident in my voice. The mere idea of me getting married frightened and excited me to the bone. I was unaware of how the man looked or what his name was even. But I suppose now I would, the only thing preventing me from seeing his face were the two wooden doors in front of me that once opened, would lead to the church and the place in which I would get married. Taking a deep breath I covered my face with the veil and I nodded towards the knight standing guard and gave him the signal to open the door. The procession could be heard even through the heavy doors, the soft melody of the violinist carried out through the entire building. The knight donned the traditional armour from head to toe and bowed in front of my before reaching out to open the doors.

They swung open, the loud sound of the doors hitting the wall echoing in the church effectively drowning out the music. My eyes darted around until they settled on the man and at the end of the aisle. My mouth opened in surprise I saw the man, the man who I was to marry. He stood there, with an imposing aura and body to boot. He stood at 6 ft 3 with a muscular build, short black hair styled, and smouldering brown eyes that stared right into mine.

He was no man- he was a beast and I was marrying him.

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