Not One of Them.

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Heey lovelies!!

Just a reminder that this book was finished 6 years ago - a new, finally polished and finished copy will be coming up in Spring of 2018! For now, enjoy the story in it's original form. :)

Someone once, lied to us. Now we're not so blind. He's not, one of us. He can never be one of us. Let him run, let him live. But do not forget what we cannot forgive. ~The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.


                The world is filled with breaking, things falling to pieces around us. Things that are meant to be strong. Things that are supposed to be able to withstand anything.

                Bridges. Dams. Sky scrapers crumbling to bits.

                The truth is that there is always something, somewhere out there, with the power to tear even the toughest, most reliable things on this earth to shreds. There is always going to be something bigger than us. Stronger than us. Something that will leave irreversible damage. Something will be able to weaken and, eventually, destroy things.

                Gale-force winds, howling their fury as they pry trees apart. Heavy rain, flooding the rivers and lakes and washing into the roads. Fire, blazing holes through everything that dares to stand in its way.

                So you see, if you fight long enough, try hard enough, anything will snap. Fray. Crack. Break.

                My only question is, what does it take to break a werewolf?

                And how much longer will my body withstand this, my own version of those gale-force winds and fire?

                My pack. My tormentors.

                When will my body finally give out, and therefore adding 'murderer' to my pack's long list of traits.


                Tick tock, tick tock. Time's fleeting.

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