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Pen Your Pride

  "I want Callie to run away with me. Run away from your duties Call and be with me. Forget Leo, he has only caused you pain. I hate to do this but you only have two options . . . Run away and live happily ever after with me, or everybody you love will die in this battle."  

    As soon as those words left Than’s mouth. Every feeling of love or acceptance that I still had for him all flew out the window.    

How could he do this to me? He used to be so level headed, the Than I used to know would never ever make me chose between me and someone’s life no matter what the other option would have been.    

I have no other choice but to go with him and leave everyone behind. But how would I know for sure that as soon as I left with him, he would order his men to stand down? They are rogues for heavens sake! They don’t have to listen to what Than says.    

I couldn’t just leave everyone, what would Queen Emmaline do? I was turning eighteen in a week and when that happens Emmaline’s responsibilities get put on to me. I become the queen but I can’t unless I am there to claim the title.    

“Callie, don’t do this,” Leo pleaded as if reading my thoughts.

    I smiled sadly at my mate. “I don’t have much of a choice Leo.” I’m not going to be held accountable for any of my people’s death because I was too stubborn to do the right thing.  

“But I’m your mate! I can’t let you leave me! What do you expect me to do without you?”

    “I don’t know Leo! We have extras of those stuffed training dummies, feel free to take one and pretend it’s me. It will be like I never left.”    

Than smirked, “Feisty, me like-y!”    

“Shut up Than!” I all but yelled at him. I just wasn’t in the mood for that kind of crap today.    

“Ok, ok. Chill,” Than said raising his hands up in surrender but the cocky smirk never left his face. “Someone’s PMS-ing.”    

My eyebrows shot up, “Excuse me?”    

He coughed quickly. “Sorry.” Damn right you are, never tell a woman that.    

“I will leave with you Than on one condition,” I started. “You will take your rogues out of the area. If they so much as breathe within a mile of this territory or any other packs territory for that matter, they have the rights to kill them on spot and come after you.”    

“Hmm, I could make that work but how will I know that in return we won’t receive any unruly attacks from you?”    

“I will order them not to, I may not be their Alpha or Queen yet but I am the successor so what I say must be taken into strong accord. If any do come though I will . . . never leave your side.”    

Than looked as if he was pondering the pros and cons of accepting or denying. He must have liked the deal because she smiled and nodded, “Fine.”    

Leo’s faced looked panicked as he tried to get me to go back on what I said, “Callie I can’t lose you!” He kept saying things over and over. Telling me to think about how I should think of everyone else, Dev, Dex and Queen Emmaline.    

“If you stay I will worship the air you breathe, kiss up to your beautiful ass, just please reconsider!”    
I sighed, as much as I tried to hate him, seeing him look so desperate made me feel bad. I was causing him this pain. But then I had to remind myself of everything he had done to me when we were going to the same high school. Cow manure, trash bins, endless bullying.    

“I have already given my final word; tell Emmaline that I have placed a note in the drawer room explaining what has happened and that she is not to come after me.” I said simply keeping all emotion out of my voice. I used my advanced supernatural powers to scribble the note out onto some paper in the drawer room with a pen that I sensed on the top of the desk.    

“Well then lets get moving,” Than said. “Can you use one of your powers to poof us out of here so that we can’t be tracked down. Are you part genie or something?”    

“What do you think, idiot?” Of course I didn’t have freaking genie in me! He obviously wasn’t getting the hint so with a long dramatic eye roll and an over exaggerated look up to the sky asking what the world has come to these days.

    He continued staring at me blankly.       “No I’m not part genie . . . but yes I can still get us out of here.”    

With one last look at a frantic Leo, I grabbed a hold of Than’s arm and used my powers to take us to wherever it was that he hid out at.    

Than and I fell into a collection of swirls and then we were suddenly pulled forward. When being transported from one place to another it doesn’t feel like the movies try to show it. You don’t see rainbow swirls around you or see clocks and what movies come up with nowadays. Imagine running down a street in lightning speed without actually having to move an inch. That is what it feels like except that you are also invisible and therefore don’t have to watch out for what’s in your way.    

          Centuries ago warlocks were often captured forced to transport their captor and them to whenever need be. Being able to have a slight sense in whereabouts helped the warlocks to escape or to send help when they know how to get to where they are being held. Of course though the captors would have eventually caught on to the fact that they still have a sense of direction throughout the travelling and would have put a stop to it, blindfolded the warlocks or something. But it took them an awfully long time due to the fact that they themselves couldn’t see anything when being transported. Only the person doing the transporting can actually see what’s going on around them and to everyone else, all they see is black.    

A very helpful thing for the warlock. Very helpful indeed in situations like being taken away with Than for instance.    

After the winded journey we all of a sudden stopped moving in a dark brick room. I quickly let go of Than and took a step forward to survey the room. To be honest there was next to nothing at all in this stenchy place just a rotten desk with some ink stains on it hiding in the corner. The floor looked to be almost mossy and the walls looked to be damp and mossed over as well. I wondered if this place had ever seen the light before?    

“I’m amazed Than, this is very welcoming,” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, yeah, this place was under the radar and cheap. I didn’t have any motivation to clean it up once we got here.” He said while opening a door that blended in with the walls almost causing me to miss it completely.  

  “I have ordered the rogues back, they are in the main room. They can’t wait to meet you,” Than said leading me out of the room with him right behind.    

“Oh, I bet so,” I said following him down the hallway. I guess this is how I can determine from the inside how strong they are, I thought as I tried take in as much as I could about everything I saw.   Time to go meet Than’s rogues, I sighed.    


Sorry spacing is screwed.
  Sadly there a mega chance that there is going to be no update until March 14th due to competitions, snowboarding, school and vacation. Sorry but once I get back I will try to update ASAP.    
  Is anyone else going away anywhere or doing anything special for March Break?   Any Cast Ideas for Than?  

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