Chapter 1/1

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Wrote this for a really good friend of mine so I dedicate this to her LouisAngelxx. Hope you like itmention a user

You were currently sitting on the couch watching the movie Fifity Shades of Grey with your boyfriend Michael but you were getting pissed off because he kept on putting his hand under your shirt, and trying to kiss your neck and you had enough.

"Stop it Michael, I'm not in the mood." You said, sliding away from him but you knew in that moment telling him no was a mistake.

He grabbed you by the neck, " Don't you ever tell me no." He says grabbing you roughly.

"I-im sorry I'm just not in the mood." You said, getting scared.

"What are you not in love with me anymore, you cheating on me especially with that so called friend of yours Louis?" He accused squeezing your neck. Your air supply getting cut off.

"N-nno, we're just friends i'm not in love with him." You said, which was a big lie you been in love with him for the past five years but you thought you weren't good enough for him and that's when you met Michael.

He wasn't always abusive he actually use to be sweet, always opening doors for you, making dinner but it changed the day he lost his job and started drinking.

In the midst of your argument your phone let off a notification, which was Louis because you two were suppose to hang out later.

"Lets see who that is." He says throwing you onto the ground.

He looked at your phone and his face turned red with anger.It read:

Hey Ruby, are we still on for later?

"Oh so you are a whore, and lying to me." He said, raising his voice.

"I'll show you what happens to people who lie to me." He says coming closer as you cower. He grabs you and slaps you across the face, earning a whimper to slip from your mouth.

He continues to slap and punch you. He kicked you and you heard a crack, which meant your ribs were broken. He just kept on punching and kicking you until you were on the verge of passing out.

You soon didn't feel anything from being numb because you heard another man's voice that belonged to your guardian angel Louis Tomlinson.

"Get the Fuck off of her." Louis says, grabbing Michael.

"Stay out of this, Tomlinson." Michael snarled, trying to punch Louis, which Louis dodged.

They started throwing swings at each other and that's the last thing you remember before you pass out.

When you woke back up you heard beeping and people around talking.

"Where am I?" You asked your throat dry.

The nurse gave you some water.

"You're in the hospital dear, you been badly beaten by your boyfriend, you have fractured ribs, a busted lip and a cut on your head. If it wasn't for your friend it could of been worse for you." She explains, writing your vitals down.

"Where is he?" you asked, looking around.

"He went home to change clothes, he's been here everyday since you been here." She says, smiling.

"How long have I been here?" You ask, curiously.

"Two days." She replies.

The nurse walks out and you happen to look up, in came Louis walking in wearing black skinnies with his Skate tough shirt and vans, his fringe was on the side.

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