19. Reinforcements

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      September 12th
      Agent A. Nichols’s reinforcement assumes position in Smile Academy. Felix Howard is taken out of the picture.

                19: Reinforcements
                Date: September 12th

When I slip back into my dorm I am met with scrutinizing brown eyes that inspect my every move. I close the door behind me, my eyes carefully assessing the situation in front of me. Susan sits on top of my bed with her right leg crossed over her left, staring boldly at me in the doorway.

      She is wearing a designer halter top and black jeans, and her brown hair cascades down her shoulders in waves.

      “Did you wait up for me?” I tease. I step further into the room and stand in front of her with a hand on my hip. “You know I’m not a little girl anymore, Mom.”

      Susan purses her lips. “Where’ve you been?”

      I give her a raised eyebrow and gesture for her to get off of my bed. She stands up from the baby blue sheets silently. “Out,” I reply, watching her walk over to her side of the room. She stops when she's in front of her bed.

      Susan turns to face me as she lifts her school bag off of her bed. Her brown skin practically glows in every angle she turns, and she looks as gorgeous as ever as she stares me down.

      “There’s a curfew,” she states.

      Now I take interest in the conversation, dropping the sarcasm. “Since when?”

      Susan’s head tilts to the side and she narrows her eyes at me. “You don’t know?” she asks. I have a feeling that I do, but I don’t answer her, and so she continues. “Adrian’s been reported missing. Students aren’t allowed to leave the dorms after nine-thirty and before six o’clock.”

      I swallow. “Oh.”

      “Yeah,” she says flatly. “Try not to get us both in trouble, will you?”

      I blink at her figure as she makes her way out the door and go over the piece of information in my head.

      Curfew. They're upping their security — or rather, adding security. This won't help me now; now there is a higher consequence I'll receive if I'm caught.

      I focus in on the figure walking across the room. The floorboards underneath the carpet squeak as her feet move along them.

      “Susan,” I say to stop her. She glances back at me from the doorway. “Forgive me, but I was under the impression that trouble was something you looked forward to,”

      I am aware of the way the words escape my lips. They make me sound exactly like Susan. Yet, surprisingly, they also feel right when I say them, as if they are also coming from me. And as I look at her she looks back with that same secretive gleam in her eyes, and the only response I receive is her trademark smile.

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