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"STEALTH IS KEY here," whispered Zach. "Be more subtle now. Yes, I'm talking to you, Kerry."

Kerry sigh was louder than anything she could've possibly said.

"And both of you stay close," he dictated. "You keep drifting, Macy."

I quickened my steps to match his, and Kerry held her pace next to him. Maybe I'd give him shit about barking orders at us if the circumstances weren't so incredibly fucked up, but I understood his need to do so. He was just doing his best keep us all alive.

We were just maybe a few steps down the hallway and not that farther away from the room we'd used to hole up in, and Tyler, Steph and Jackson were a short distance ahead of us. I wondered if they could see Lewis and David who were a little ahead of them, and I decided probably not. I could just barely make out the shapes of Tyler, Steph and Jackson and not much else because there wasn't any window yet to draw light from, but I knew it'd get better once we got out of the hallway.

"Wait, where are they going?" Kerry said lowly and I cut my gaze away from the rooms to our front, where I saw Jackson making a sharp turn to his right instead of going straight ahead to the main hall.

Did something happen?

"I don't know," Zach answered her. "Let's see."

We quietly made it to the turn where there was a half open door. I spied through the crack to see Tyler inside and then Kerry nudged me inside.

"Good, you're here," Steph stated, before turning to Zach, "now close the door real quiet."

He frowned in bafflement but didn't waste any time in closing the door.

"What's happening?" I asked.

David, who'd been standing the closest, responded, "There's someone up ahead. We decided to take five."

"Take five?" Kerry scrunched her nose. "You can't call it taking five. We literally just started."

"Laying low, then," he corrected himself. "Or not dying. I don't know, take your pick."

"So someone's really out there right now?" Tyler questioned, getting back to the matter at hand.

Lewis nodded hysterically. "Yep. And by the sound of the steps, maybe more than one person, too."

God. It was almost like every time we actually tried something, it was sorely proven pointless.

"Great." Sighed Steph and Zach just folded his arms.


"Main hall," Lewis supplied before turning to look at David awkwardly, who was clearly frustrated with the turn of events. "Um... maybe they'll leave soon?"

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