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"M-mommy?" Camila asked shakily. "Are you okay with that doll?" Lauren asked brushing the girls hair away. Although she'd love it if the girl called her mommy, it was up to her, and Lauren just wanted her to be comfortable. "C-can I think about it?" Camila asked shyly. "Take all the time you need doll, now why don't you get back to your cartoons" Lauren smiled, turning the TV back up and cradling the girl in her lap.

The rest of the night went calmly, Camila was a little quiet, but that was understandable.

They were both still sat on the couch, Camila's head in Lauren's lap as they watched finding dory. Glancing at the clock, Lauren paused the movie when she realized it was just passed eight. "It's almost bedtime sweetie" she cooed, tugging Camila up from the couch. "B-but I want to finish dory" Camila pouted. "We can finish dory tomorrow baby" Lauren said, shutting off the TV and starting to get up. "Noo! Wanna watch it now" Camila whined loudly.

"We don't whine when we want things, and you certainly do not say no when I say it's bedtime" Lauren warned, picking the girl up. Camila began to kick, reaching out for the TV remote. "Wanna watch dory!" She yelled, throwing her head back. "Little girl, I'm warning you right now. If you don't stop this behavior then you'll go to bed without your binkie and won't get it back until tomorrow." Lauren said sternly, setting Camila on the floor in the middle of her room.

Hearing this made Camila even crankier, and the girl threw herself on the ground, beginning to pound her fists on the carpeted floor. "Okay, that's no binkie" Lauren said, attempting to get the girl on the changing table. Camila kicked and cried harder, throwing herself back on the ground. It was obvious she was tired and cranky, but Lauren wasn't about to let that excuse any bratty behavior.

"Camila, you stop this fit right now or I'll do more than just take your binkie" Lauren warned, successfully getting her on the table and attempting to take her dress off. The girl flailed her arms, making it impossible for Lauren to get it over her head. By this time Lauren was beyond frustrated, and had just about had enough of the girls tantrum.

Lauren stood the girl up, landing a sharp three smacks on her diaper, as well as two more right at the tops of her thighs. She ignored the girl's crying, walking her over to the corner. "That is what a tantrum is going to get you, I want you to stay here and when I call you back out you'll go straight to bed without complaint. You'll sleep without your binkie or bunny tonight, do I make myself clear?" Lauren asked sternly, waiting for the crying girl to nod before facing her nose towards the corner.

Lauren walked out of the room to cool off, waiting a few minutes before going back in. Camila was still crying, but no longer yelling or screaming. Lauren pulled her out of the corner, holding her shoulders. "What do you say doll?" Lauren asked, leaning down to look a her. Camila didn't respond, but instead pulled away, crossing her arms over her chest and looking Lauren straight in the eye.

The older woman sighed, deciding to just put her to bed considering it was now well past the girl's bedtime. Lauren quickly changed her diaper and got her into pajamas, ignoring the way Camila glared at her. Setting her in her crib, Lauren was about to speak when the small girl turned to face the wall, hugging her pillow to her chest.

"Goodnight baby" Lauren whispered sadly, turning on the nightlight and walking out of the room. She'd made sure to leave the monitor on, so she'd be able to see Camila. The small girls cries hadn't stopped yet, but Lauren didn't think it was such a great idea to go in and calm her down. Camila stood up in her crib, gripping the bars with one hand and wiping her eyes with the other.

"M-mommy?" She whimpered quietly, still wiping her eyes. The small girl whimpered again, calling out for Lauren a few more times before giving up. She fell to her bottom, wiping her tears and uncomfortably laying down. She was tired and cold, and just wanted her bunny and pacifier. She wanted Lauren too, but she told herself that she was mad at Lauren and that she didn't want to see her.

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