Chapter 14: Yass gurl!

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Chapter 14: Yass gurl!

"Are we there yet?" I asked Will for the billionth time. 

"No," He replied. He was used to me being all annoying so he doesn't get angry like some people, *Cough* Dylan *Cough*. We were on our way to our house with Dylan, Keith, Mark and Wasabi. I played with his ear and looked out the window watching the cars pass by. "What about now?" 

"Is she always this annoying?" Dylan asked Will and he nodded. I heard loud snores so I looked over at Mark and saw that he was asleep with his mouth wide open drool coming out of it. I stifled a laugh. "She was annoying me so much today,"

"How?" Will asked. 

"She kept on talking in different languages and she wouldn't go eat her medicines," Dylan replied. 

"Let me guess, Spanish, Dutch and French?" Will asked and Dylan nodded. "Beau travail Naomi," (Translation: Nice job Naomi)

"Merci," I replied in French. (Translation: Thanks)

"Like brother like sister," Dylan muttered. "English please," 

"Fine," Will and I said in unison. 

"So, Keith, how did you get that huge bump on your head?" Will asked making Dylan and I snicker. 

"Don't ask," Keith muttered making Will laugh. 

"You look like a unicorn," Will said. 

"That's what I said!" I exclaimed. Suddenly the snores got louder. I looked over at Mark and saw that he was awake. He yawned and wiped the drool of his face. 

"What year is it?" He asked in a groggy voice making me laugh. 

"Moo!" Wasabi said in cow language. I decided to mess with Mark. 

"You've been asleep for a long, long, time," I said. "It's 2045."

"What?!" He yelled. 

"Nah, she's messin' with you, it's 2017," Keith said. 

"But seriously, how did you become a unicorn," Will asked again. 

"Ask your sister," Keith muttered. 

"How did Keith become a unicorn Naomi?" Will asked.

"I might've knocked him out with a glass," I said smiling sheepishly while Will laughed. 

"Nice," Will muttered. 

"Why are you two exactly the same?" Mark asked looking at us in a confused way. 

"What?" Will and I asked in unison. 

"You two have the exact same personality, why?" Mark questioned. "Are you guys best friends or something?"

"We're brothers and sisters," Will and I said at the same time Keith and Dylan said-

"They're brothers and sisters," 

"Ohhh, okay" Mark said in realization. 

"Estupido," We all said in unison in Spanish- except for Mark. (Translation: Stupid)

"You guys really need to stop talking in different languages," Dylan said making Will and I laugh. 

"NEVAH," Will and I said in unison. 


We were finally outside of the house and it was near the beach. Seriously, it was right in front of it. "It's an apartment," Will explained. We walked inside with our suitcases and toward the elevator. 

"Which floor are we on?" I asked. 

"Three," William replied and I pressed the button. We arrived at the floor and Will took out the key opening the door. 

"You guys go in first, I want to be surprised," I said turning my back to the door. 

"Come in," Dylan said.I turned around and walked in the house. 

"Woah," I breathed. The house was huge! Not as big as Dylan's but it was still really big, bigger than what I'm used to. When you walked in, you saw the living room. It had three couches all facing the huge black screen T.V. in front of it. There was a door next to the T.V. which I'm pretty sure was the game room. I walked up the stairs and saw three doors. I walked into the first one and saw the bathroom. I closed the door and opened the one next to it. It was a bedroom. "I call this room!" I yelled. I opened the door next to it and saw that it was the master bedroom. I walked back into my room and opened the door that was inside of the room. It was another bathroom but bigger. I closed the door and walked downstairs. 

I saw Will walking around the house. I ran toward him and gave him a huge bear hug. "I love the house! Thank you so much," I said as he hugged me back. 

"Don't thank me, thank Dylan, Mark and Keith," He said letting go of the hug. 

"Thank you!" I said as they nodded. "What do you guys want to do?"

"What about we sleep?" Mark asked. 

"Watch a movie?" Keith asked. 

"Play football?" Dylan asked. 

"Eat?" Will asked.

"No, no, no and no," I said making everyone frown. "We're building a fort whether you like it or not," Will walked upstairs to get everything we needed to build a fort. He came back down with a lot of pillows and blanket. 

"Ready?" Will asked and everyone nodded. They built the fort and I basically did nothing, I just sat there next to Wasabi and petted him. "Naomi we need your help," 

"Yeah?" I asked getting up. 

"I'll give you a piggyback and you attach the peg to that," Will said pointing to a little clip thing. 

"Okay," I said. He gave me a piggyback and I tried my hardest to attach the thing but I was too short. He put me back on the ground. 

"Try again," He said lifting me up again. This time I attached it and tied it in a double knot. "Nice, we're finished," I walked upstairs and got a few more blankets and pillows and walked back downstairs. I threw everything inside the fort and got inside with Wasabi turning on the T.V. 

"Can we come in as well?" Dylan asked and I nodded moving aside making room for them. Will layed next to me with Dylan on his other side. Keith layed next to Dylan and Mark layed next to Keith. 

"What do you guys wanna watch?" I asked.

"The Lorax?" Mark suggested. 

"The secret life of pets?" Dylan asked.

"Moana?" Will asked.

"The Last Unicorn?" Keith suggested making everyone look at him. "What? Naomi has called me a unicorn so many time that I feel like one," 

"I'll be right back," I said getting up and walking out of the fort. I walked in the kitchen and got a plastic cup with some tape. I walked back and taped the cup to Keith's forehead. "Now you're a true unicorn!" 

"Yay," He said lamely fistbumping the air as I layed back in my spot. 

"What about Finding Dory?" I asked. 

"Yass gurl!" Will exclaimed in a high pitched voice trying to sound like a girl. 

"Shut up," I said laughing. We watched Finding Dory and had a blast. 


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