08. Network.

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6 months later.

'' Loving this little #cafésaintfrancois, xx. '' She tweeted on her personnal account. She layed her phone down on the table and drank a sip of a coffee she just bought. Hum, the smell drove her crazy. She looked outside the window she was sitting by. She definitely missed the place. 

Her phone beeped. Emma slowly put down her coffee to see that she had a notification concerning that tweet she just posted. She had 400 followers on Twitter. Not that she cared, but it was fun to communicate with people who actually got her. Some of them just favorited her tweet. She smiled to her screen as she checked out her timeline. Sara, her best friend, just tweeted to someone.

'' Glad to know you're in town! How about hanging out? @twhiddleston ''

She almost dropped her phone. He was in town, really? She had been traveling for the past few months, she was glad she could spend her summer in Montreal and now, he was in town?

Dammit, Karma!

She wished she could buy a ticket to Australia and disappear among the Aborigines. But Sara knew she was suppose to come over that night and spend these two months with her. They hadn't seen each other face to face in the last couple of months. Of course, networks helped keeping the friendship. Twitter and texts to keep in touch throughout the days, Skype at night watching the same movies at the same time...

'' @saraisalwaysright Sounds great to me! See you darling, congrats by the way! '' Tom tweeted back to Sara.

Emma could feel anger growing bigger in her chest. When she tol him at New York they were going to meet soon, she didn't expect it to be this soon. And plus, congrats about what? If there was anything important was happening in Sara's life, she would be the first one to know, right? 

Her mind keep replaying the moment he layed down and smoothly pressed his lips against hers. Without noticing it, her hand raised to her face and slowly brushed her cheek, just the way he did at New York. 

It's been six month. 

Feels more like six years.

Her ringtone blew up as she noticed Sara's silly selfie on her screen.

Well well well... 

She swiped her screen left to right and answered.

'' Oh hey Sara, I was just about to call you. I'm not going to be there tonight, my plane --'' She tried to sound sorry.

'' Oh hell no darling. '' Someone knocked on the door of the coffee shop, cutting her. Emma looked up at Sara. Beside her was standing Rodriguez, Sara's boyfriend.

Rodriguez and Sara met in the most awkward way. They didn't met at University, neither did they met at a romantic place like the park... Sara always had been clumsy, and clearly that was not about to change. One day, she was quickly walking down the street when a cat flew out of nowhere on her head.

Rodriguez's cat. Luckily, the animal didn't have claws. 

Funny thing is that Sara wouldn't have been there at that very moment if her boss hadn't been late because to an important reunion, bumping into Sara at work, as she dropped her coffee all over hims. Her boss was really angry and aske Sara to go to his apartment to bring back a clean suit & tie.

Life is unpredictable, right?

Emma could have been mad that Sara found her so quickly, but she'd rather have a nice time with Rodriguez and Sara instead of acting like a child. 

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