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[ Dystopian / Philosophical / Magical-Realism / Literary / Romance ]

[ Dystopian / Philosophical / Magical-Realism / Literary / Romance ]

In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a clairvoyant girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dream worlds and reality itself, in a soul-searching journey for love, for identity and what it means to be human. But all that remains is a peculiar coffee shop order.

The novel examines the human condition, the nature of perception, our socio-political system, capitalist and consumer culture, incorporating paranoiac conspiracy theories, surreal cosmic visions, circular symbolism and shifting parallel worlds, with profound discussions of coffee, art, literature and music.

"They say your order reveals the depths of your being."

Sometimes the small things in life, are the start to something bigger.

Sometimes it is all that's left, to remind us of who we are.

"System is Everything."


"An interesting 'vapoury' style that seems to hover off world at times...haunting and strange (which is good)...sense of terror in the core here... You're on to something different, striking." - B.W. Powe, York University Professor of English, author of "A Tremendous Canada of Light", "A Climate Charged", "Outage", "The Unsaid Passing", and "Marshall McLuhan & Northrop Frye: Apocalypse & Alchemy"

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