Chapter 12: Remember

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Here you guys go! Sorry it's a bit on the shorter side, but I hope you're enjoying this book so far! I know I'm enjoying writing on it. I love reading your comments!

Chapter 12:

There were piles and piles of books and paperwork all over. Making a large room feel small, and at any moment the mountains of papers were going to burry us alive. Hayden sighed as he ushered me inside more. It was hard to know where to step, I didn't want to ruin anything.

"Sorry, I would have a cleaned up a bit if someone would've told me they were coming." I held back a snort. He could've had a week, and it probably wouldn't have been enough. Hayden eyed me like he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"No problem. Um, it's nice to meet you, I'm Cali." I held out my hand awkwardly. Hayden's Uncle grasped my hand and shook it jerkily, almost like he's had too much caffeine.

"It's so nice to meet a friend of Hayden! They're so few, you know? Oh and call me John." Hayden rolled his eyes before stepping up behind me, and wrapping an arm around my shoulder in an affectionate way. John seemed a little surprised.

"It's cool Uncle John, she's like us. That's why we're here, and the Demolition is after her." John looked at me shocked before getting really close to me and peering at my head.

"Did you dye your hair?" This time I did let out a snort, thinking about how Hayden confronted me on that very thing. I toyed with a strand as I fought the urge to be sassy. I didn't know John quite yet, and I wanted to make a good impression since he was related to Hayden. Plus he seemed like an okay guy, if not a little quirky.

"This blonde doesn't come from a bottle." I internally sighed when the sass won out anyway, but John laughed at what I said, making me feel better. He looked at me though like I was a shiny new toy to examine.

"Have you always known?" he asked almost eagerly before shaking his head, "Oh! How rude of me! Come sit down! I'll make a pot of coffee since you two look like you need it." Hayden made a noise of disagreement.

"Can we raincheck for a few hours? I think Cali and I need a power nap if we're going to get through telling you everything." I felt relief at his protest. I really felt like a nap would do me a world of good, even though I was sleeping so much before. Driving for so long really takes it out of any person.

"Of course! It will give me time to tidy up a bit." Hayden leveled his Uncle with a look making John look at us with chagrin. I liked John so far, he seemed sweet in a very out of the box way. I fought back a yawn and turned to Hayden.

"Where will I be sleeping?" I only asked because the couch was covered in papers. Hayden rolled his eyes before grabbing my hand.

"With me." I quickly stopped and took my hand back, turning red. Hayden read my expression with an amused smile. "You really think I'd want to have sex with my Uncle in the other room?" My mouth dropped open as I head John chuckle under his breath. Huffing out an annoyed breath I stalked ahead of him and guessed where his bedroom was. I guessed right when I saw a full sized bed with old blue plaid bedding on it. I only knew it was Hayden's because there were posters of fast cars on the walls. I heard him come up behind me. Spinning on my heel, I faced him with a quirked eyebrow.

"What?" I asked with a little bit of attitude. I know Hayden doesn't have experience with the girlfriend department, but it seems pretty basic to not bring up sex when you first start going out and especially not in front of family. If I didn't stand my ground now, I would regret it.

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