Ch. 32 - Fetch the Fetch

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Fetches are born of magic. Rhianna felt more alone than even the day her mother had driven away and left her here. At least then she'd still had a mother, even a crotchety grandmother.

But she was Pippa, not Gran. Fetches had no Grans and no family. Rhianna finally had the answer to how her mother could just up and leave her here so easily. She was Katrin, not mom.

Rhianna sat on the carpet in her room, with her back against the wall. Gretch was sitting in the chair with her arms crossed, scowling at Raisen, who lay on a bed crying into a pillow. Parents were shouting downstairs, Sheriff Sampson's smooth voice could be heard trying to keep everyone calm and get them calling up friends for the search parties in the morning.

Gretch turned to Rhianna and her brow crinkled with worry. She seemed at a loss for something to say for a moment. Then she laughed. "We should have told them Boscoe Feeney kidnapped her. That would have gotten off your back."

Rhianna just stared at the dark panes of the window behind Gretch. Pippa had managed to convince everyone Jenny was simply lost in the woods and Raisen was just hysterical.

"We'll get Jenny back," Gretch continued on, mostly to herself. "Teasel will find where they've taken her. Of course darklings tend to run their victims under a large body of water and drown them, but this is Jenny...she just can't be..."

Raisen moaned.

The room was quiet for a moment, and then Gretch started up again. "The adults are going to screw this all up. Especially my cousin. She doesn't know what she is dealing with. If someone hadn't opened their big blabby mouth we probably would have gotten Jenny back by now."

Raisen's mom had called the other parents and then the Sheriff and they had descended on the farm an hour ago. The Sheriff had questioned Rhianna and the others and then they had been dismissed to her room and told to stay put.

A glow on the other side of the window caught Rhianna's eyes, and a pale white finger scratched on the other side of the glass.

"Teasel!" Gretch jumped up to slide the window open and let the brownie in along with the incessant prattle of insects.

He swung his legs over the window sill, flipping his black hair out of his eyes. His movements still gave the impression of easy confidence, but he could not hide his fear, it showed clearly on his face.

Gretch looked into his eyes and hesitated, finally she asked, "Did you find her?"

"I found the trail. It was easy to follow."

"You mean too easy to follow?" Gretch chewed her thumbnail.

"My thoughts exactly," Pippa said pushing open the bedroom door, and entering the room. "It's a trap."

Rhianna kept staring at the window, which was still open from Teasel's entrance.

Teasel tensed, but stayed where he was. Pippa didn't bat an eyelash at his presence.

Gretch put her hands on her hips. "It doesn't matter. We have to go after her. You know as well as I do that none of our parents and none of those people they are calling can actually cross into Fairy like we can."

"It's Rhianna who brought you across. Only those with Fae lineage, or those traveling with them, have been able to cross since the barrier went up.

Rhianna didn't acknowledge her name being spoken. She wanted to laugh bitterly. Lineage implied she had parents.

Gretch continued to argue with Pippa, but Rhianna stopped listening. The world began to dim, like a black veil had descended over her eyes.

Pippa crouched on her heels in front of Rhianna, flashes of purple blotted out her face. Her words seemed far away. Rhianna squinted, trying to see past the blotches. Is this it? Is this how she goes crazy like her mother? A word was repeated, but it was hard to make out.

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