Chapter 3

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I pulled out my phone, seeing the missed calls from my mom.

4:36 - missed call from mom
4:58 - missed call from mom
5:24 - missed call from mom
7:45 - missed call from mom

It's now 12:54 in the morning and I'm still walking. I'm exhausted. My feet are throbbing. I need to find somewhere to go.

I walked to the next town which is west from Keyesville. Called "Jared Township". It's even smaller than Keyesville.

A population of 75....

I walk to a homeless shelter nearby that I looked up.

I walk into the old, crusty building.

People walk past me and glare, look me up and down. I tear up from the cruelness. I walk up to the desk and ask if there's any room.

"What's your name, honey?" She says sweetly.

"Julia.." I respond

"How old are you, sweetie?"

"16.." I whisper
She nods and leads me into the woman's section.

She sets me up a bed next this tall, skinny woman.

She leaves and I sit on my bed. 

"What's a lovey girl like you doin here?" I hear

I turn around to see a woman with long black dreads hanging from her head.

"My name is Jewel." She says softly, "Whats yours?"


"Nice to meet ya, Julia!"

I smile weakly and lays down.

I close my eyes for a second, and soon falls into a dark sleep.

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