Chapter 27

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The morning rolled around as Connie began to wake feeling the normally full space behind her. Throwing her hand backwards and down to the mattress she sat up clutching the covers to her chest looking around. Frowning she didn't see any of his things to suggest he had stayed.

Rolling her head backwards she felt the ache begin to spread. Reaching down to the floor she picked up the silk gown and pulled it on. Getting out of the bed she traipsed into the bathroom placing her hands either side of the sink as she looked into the mirror.

Looking to her reflection she noticed how different she seemed. Hearing swearing from the kitchen her head snapped up and she moved out of the bedroom and rushed downstairs. Wandering into the kitchen she noticed Sam standing beside the sink with the tap running.

Moving across the room she didn't stop until she was standing beside him seeing the water run red. "Sam what happened?" "I'm fine..." He huffed as she took his hand into hers looking at the cut that ran across his palm. "This looks like it hurts-" "It doesn't tickle." Narrowing her eyes she glared up at him before focusing on his hand again.

Connie moved to pick up a towel from the side to press against the cut before wrapping it around his hand. "What were you even doing out here?" "Thought I'd see what happened if you placed a knife in your hand the wrong way." She pulled a sarcastic face as he smirked sitting down on one of the kitchen stools. "I was making breakfast and I just slipped."

Sighing she moved to one of the cupboards reaching up to take down a medical box. Sam dropped his eyes over her as the silk material lifted up. He whistled making Connie roll her eyes yet again as she turned back to him. "Keep your eyes to yourself Strachan." Pulling out the stool opposite him she sat down to begin cleaning up his cut.

Sam flinched as she went over it lightly. "Luckily you don't need any stitches." He flinched again as she looked to him with an arched brow. "What? It hurts-" "Oh, so I guess you won't be able to do any sort of strenuous activity for a while then. Well, at least until that's healed because you know, using your hands can be quite difficult if you've got such a horrendous injury." He groaned dropping his head backwards as she smiled finishing off applying the dressing to his hand.

"There. Maybe next time just stay in bed." He smiled as she stood up and walked across the kitchen. "I just wanted to do something for you, I hate that I can't take you out..." Connie sighed pulling open the cupboard before Sam took the box from her and placed it back onto the shelf. His chest pressed to her back as she looked down at the side. "I didn't mean to upset you saying that."

She shook her head turning around as she laced her fingers through his. "You didn't... It's just I wish we could do those things too, but right now-" "We can't, I know." She sighed leaning into his chest as he enveloped her into a hug. He ran his hand up and down her back as he kissed her temple. "But we can lay on the sofa all day right?" She smirked lifting her head to look up at him. "Sure that's not too hard for you and your poor hand-" "Oh I think I'll manage."

Connie laughed as he pressed his lips to hers lightly before she wandered into the bedroom to get the bedding while Sam cleaned up what he had started doing in the kitchen. She trailed back out throwing everything onto the sofa while running a hand back through her hair. "If this is the general attire for a movie day with you then I need to have them more often." She smirked narrowing her eyes as she wandered back towards where he stood in the kitchen.

Reaching over she picked some fruit up from the bowl that he'd started to fill before he'd cut himself. "So... I was thinking-" "Do you ever stop?" She watched him as he smiled focusing on what he was cutting. "About what you said before. There's this place I used to go, used it as somewhere to get away... If you really wanted to be able to go out then we could head there, I mean if you wanted to."

Sam let his eyes fall back to her with a small smile almost seeing her mind working over time in the moment of silence. "When do we leave?" The relaxed smile returned to her face as she rest her chin on her hand. "I don't have to work next weekend, we could go then." He nodded with a smile before seemingly remembering something. "I've got nights all of this week-" "And now you finish early on Friday. See how easy that was."

Shaking his head he watched her wander back into the living room as she sat in the corner of the sofa pulling the blankets around herself. Sam found himself thinking about the life he could have here but knew it was unreasonable. It wasn't a life she could promise him and a part of him knew they would never work out.

"You planning on standing out there all day?" Sam lifted his eyes to where Connie sat patiently waiting with a film paused on the TV. Grabbing the bowl of food he walked through sinking down beside her. She quickly took the bowl from him with a sweet smile as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders pulling her into his side. Kissing her temple she started the film settling into his side comfortably, remaining there for most of the day.

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