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"Wake up baby girl, you have class today" Lauren whispered, trying to get Camila up. It was around six forty five, but Lauren wanted to make sure she had time to get Camila bathed and ready before they left.

The small girl stirred but fell back asleep, making Lauren laugh softly. "C'mon doll, you gotta get up" Lauren said, smiling when Camila finally opened her eyes. "Good morning sleepy head" Lauren smiled. Camila only rubbed her eyes, sucking on her pacifier. "Let's get you all clean hm?" Lauren said.

She lifted Camila up and out of her crib, skipping the changing table and taking her straight into the bathroom. Camila was confused when Lauren set her on the counter, still half asleep. "You're gonna have a nice warm bath honey, so you can be all clean for school" Lauren said, starting to run the bath. "Don't need a bath" Camila whined, still rubbing her eyes. "C'mon baby, don't you wanna be all clean?" Lauren cooed, checking the temperature of the water. "No" Camila groaned, crossing her arms.

"Look baby! Bubbles!" Lauren said excitedly, trying to distract her by pouring a bit of pink bubble bath in. Camila was intrigued, watching the bubbles get bigger and bigger. Lauren took advantage of it, and quickly laid her down on the counter, taking off her wet diaper and onesie. Camila kicked, but Lauren was fast enough to set her in the bath before she threw a fit.

"Here doll, play with your toys while I wash you" Lauren said, handing Camila a basket of bath toys and starting to gently wash her back.

Only a minute later, Camila started to fidget, squirming away from Lauren's hand. "Baby you need to sit still" Lauren warned. When Camila hadn't stopped moving, Lauren had had enough, and went to get something from under the sink. Sighing, Lauren lifted her up, putting down a baby bath chair and sitting Camila in it.

"I told you to sit still baby and you didn't listen, so you need to sit nicely in your chair for me" Lauren said. Camila whined, not liking that she couldn't move around to play with her toys. She huffed but sat quietly as Lauren washed her body and hair, blushing almost the whole time.

"Okay baby doll, let's get you dressed all pretty for class" Lauren cooed, carrying a towel wrapped Camila back to the nursery. She set the small girl on the changing table, pulling out the dress she'd picked out before getting Camila up.

She set the outfit on the table, and started to pull out the things she'd need to properly diaper the girl. "D-do I have to wear one to class?" Camila asked shyly while Lauren was drying her off. "If you really don't want to then I won't make you, but I'd really like it if you did honey. I don't want you to come home crying if kids pick on you for having an accident" Lauren said. Camila nodded, and just hoped Lauren wouldn't dress her ridiculously. The older woman kept going, tightly fastening the diaper around the girl's hips to make sure it wouldn't sag if she did use it.

Sliding the little dress over Camila's head, Lauren made sure it was long enough to cover her diaper. Camila liked the dress Lauren had picked out, it was definitely childish, but okay enough not to raise suspicion. She especially liked it because the ruffles near the bottom hid her diaper extremely well.

 She especially liked it because the ruffles near the bottom hid her diaper extremely well

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