Chapter 12- Dead

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Hey!!! I posted on the weekend, so I stuck to the promise!!  I mean, I really really want to stick to a routine. That way, I could stay content and committed.

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Third Person POV

There Percy Jackson was, charging the war god. He swiftly moved to the side the second before, causing Ares to mistakenly fall forward. Percy quickly turned around and stroke Ares behind on the back. He brought Riptide down from Ares' right shoulder to his lower back. The god let out blood curling scream, expressing his rage for the sea spawn. Ares turned around, and began slicing at Percy.

Percy dodged effortlessly about a dozen times and began to parry his attacks. Swords clashed, the sound of metal against metal sounded. The sound of war soothed Ares' ears, but it didn't help him in this case.

Annabeth silently told Clarisse, "we have to help Percy. I don't know why, but something is wrong. He could've won by now. We need to sneak up on Ares."

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." Clarisse replied.

"Okay, you go to the right and distract your dad. When he least expects it, I'll try to attack, and he'll think that was our plan. But actually, we'll give Percy the opening to attack. Got it?" Annabeth asked.

"Yeah, I got it."

Clarisse moved to the right, behind a bush, checking for an opening. Riptide parried two attacks from both the deadly swords. Percy's skills were obviously greater than Ares', but for some reason, it looked like Percy wasn't giving his all. Percy's green aura was beginning to dim. Finally, Ares landed a blow on Percy's left side of his stomach. Blood began seeping through his shirt. Ares saw this as another chance to strike. He slashed Percy's arm, and then stabbed his left shoulder. Percy screamed in pain and anger. He dropped Riptide.

Annabeth immediately began screaming his name. She wasn't going with the plan anymore. She didn't care anymore. She just wanted to help Seaweed Brain.

"PERCY!!!" She shrieked. She drew her dagger and charged Ares. Ares took his other sword out of Percy's shoulder and took his stance. Percy stumbled back and fell to the ground clutching his shoulder. Annabeth attacked hacking and slashing at the war god, but he had two long swords while Annabeth only had a small dagger. They both knew who had the upper hand.

Ares took a strike but Annabeth dodged it, and so he took a strike with his other sword. She barely dodged the strike but luckily made it out. She was mainly on the defensive. But she knew what she was doing. Once she saw he needed to regain his stance, she took a step forward, covering the space between them. They had no room between them, which was the best spot to be when you had a dagger. She took a slash and it connected on his chest. She dragged it across his whole body. The weird thing was, he didn't scream. He didn't show any sign of pain. He just had a smirk.

"You're a good fighter for a daughter of Athena."

She stared in despair and broken hope at his grinning face. He raised his sword on top of her and was about to bring it down when Clarisse tackled him. If Annabeth didn't know her she would've thought Clarisse was a football player. Maybe Annabeth's dagger didn't hurt Ares, but she knew that tackle did. Clarisse got up and drew her sword. She held it above her father.

"I'm sorry," Clarisse mumbled.

She brought the sword down, but Ares quickly turned around and  deflected the blow within a second. His reflexes were amazing. He was angry at his daughter.

"How dare you strike your own father?!" Ares yelled.

He got up and instantly stabbed his daughter in the stomach. She screamed in pain and agony. Her vision became blurry, and her head finally hung low. She showed no sign of reaction when he took his sword out. She just plopped to the ground. Everything became silent, everything besides the wind howling sharp as a knife. Screaming abruptly interrupted the long held silence.

"No!!!!" Annabeth yelled at the bottom of her lungs. Her voice was broken and the sound was hoarse. Her throat was dry with fear etched in the back.

With her remaining strength, she gripped her dagger for the last time.

"Fine then. Come on!" She said lowly to herself. She charged Ares, knowing she didn't have the strength to take him head on. And this time, she didn't have a plan.

She charged, going full speed. But Ares sidestepped and she fell forward. Ares was about to strike her back as she was falling, and she turned around only to see his sword about to impale her. Knowing she was about to die right there, she closed her eyes.

She was on the ground, ready to die, but it never happened. Once she opened her eyes, she saw Ares. But his eyes were wide with pain and fear. He dropped both his swords, and she realized something. She doesn't know how she didn't notice before, but she didn't. A bronze sword, Riptide, was peeking out through Ares's chest. It was glistening with golden ichor on it.

Riptide came out sharply from Ares's body, making Ares fall to the ground with a thud. Revealing Percy with a stern face. He had a straight face which scared Annabeth. He wasn't like that much.

"Clarisse isn't dead. I don't know why, but I could feel her heart still pumping blood. Maybe because it has water. You should quickly get ambrosia and nectar for her."

"But what are you going to do with Ares? He's still alive, Percy." Annabeth asked.

"I'll deal with it. And. . .Annabeth, you could kill gods." Percy said nervously.

"What are you talking about, Percy? You're acting strange." Annabeth asked, concerned.

"You just have to kill them with their own weapon. I. . .just thought you might want to know."

"Percy. . .how do you know that? And why are you telling me this?" She began to really worry now. He never acted like this.

"You should really help Clarisse," he said, gesturing with his hand to Clarisse's paralyzed body.

She got up and went to Clarisse, kneeling beside her. She was pouring nectar on the wound, slightly conscious of Percy still awkwardly standing there.

"You know I love you, right Annabeth?" Percy spoke up.

Now this was really getting weird. Of course she knew that. She stopped what she was doing and just stared at him.

"Of course. Percy, you could tell me anything, you know? I'm free to talk to." Annabeth replied.

"That's good." Percy just kept standing there. He looked down at Ares, who was slightly beginning to stir. He took Ares's sword and stabbed him with it. But instead of golden ichor, this time it was blood. It kept pouring out of him until he stopped shaking. He was dead. She overcame her shock. He had to do it. If he didn't, the war god would just keep coming back to kill them.

She continued working on the wound. She started to wrap the injury with a bandage when she heard Percy talking about having to fulfill his promise and die by Ares's hand. She thought she misheard but she looked back just in case. She was planning to ask what he said, but she was left speechless.

He put Riptide in the dead god's hand, and stabbed himself in the heart.

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