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Hyemi sat on a bench under the cloudy sky, rain drops pattering softly on the ground and on her head. She was soaked from head to toe but she liked it. Her mom would kill her when she gets back home but she didn't care. The rain always felt so nice. The smell of nature filled her lungs and fresh air blew on her face making her smile.


Her smile faltered.

She saw a manly figure walking towards her. There were many other benches empty yet he still walked towards her as if he knew her. But she knew something was wrong and quickly attempted to get up and walk away as casually as possible.

However she was stopped halfway when the man stood in front of her in a flash as if giving her a warning.

"Uh c-can I help you?" She stuttered as the man leaned forward, his face still not visible, invading her personal space. She backed away her eyes wide, preparing herself to scream for help. He looked at her with intense eyes that were sparkling under the moonlight.

"Mate" He whispered in a husky low voice and straightened.

"What?" Hyemi asked confused but he was gone in an instant. He no longer stood there. The last thing she heard him whisper was ...

'I'll be back'

She was confused but shrugged it off. She wasn't the kind to be too shocked if something weird happened. Her whole life was weird. She stood up and started walking back to her house, the rain was falling faster, making it hard for her to see. She suddenly felt tired.

She slipped.

But before she could fall on her back and damage her head, a warm hand grabbed her from behind.

She was confused but didn't protest as another hand landed on her waist, making her stand up straight and turning her around to face the man from earlier. Hyemi jumped away from him when she saw his face. It was awfully familiar even though she had never seen him before in her entire life.

The man didn't smile nor gave her a comforting expression yet she felt safe in his arms. She stared at his pale face, illuminated under the dim lamp light. His raven black hair covered his forehead and his small eyes stared at her intensely while his pale lips stayed in a straight line.

They both continued to stare in each other's eyes as time stopped along with the pouring rain. His hands were frozen, around her waist keeping her from falling while her arms were on his chest feeling his heart beat faintly.

Hyemi snapped back to reality and stood straight attempting to take off his arms, her eyes still locked with his. She just couldn't look away.

The man kept his grip on her waist firmly. She opened her mouth to ask him who he was but it seemed like he knew as he answered before she could even utter a word. "Yoongi"

"Can y-you let me go uh- Yoongi?" She stuttered as she kept trying to pry his hands away.

He let her go without saying anything. Hyemi stumbled back almost falling again at his sudden move but managed to handle it herself.

Seconds of silence passed by and no one made a move until Yoongi moved again and grabbed her wrist. "You're coming with me" He said simply and started dragging her away without any effort. Hyemi was shocked at his move and tried to stop but to no avail.

"What? Why? Where?" The words flew out of her mouth as she panicked and tried to loosen his tight grip on her wrist. Oh God! What is happening?

Half way towards the woods, Yoongi stopped and sighed. "You're too slow"

He then grabbed her waist and put her on top of his shoulder, continuing his walk while Hyemi protested, begging him to let her go. "Please! I'm my mother's only child" She gave him pointless reasons to let her go because she didn't have any. She knew what was to come next. Rape? Murder?

Yoongi ignored her and walked deeper into the dark woods with confidence as if he owned the place. Hyemi was annoyed with the uncomfortable position by now and she was done with struggling. 'This is exactly what happens in horror movies; Now I'm going to die' she thought.

"I won't kill you" Yoongi suddenly murmured as if he knew what she was thinking. Hyemi stared at the trees blankly as he took her deeper into the wild and got tired. Her eyes started closing and she fell asleep just when another male voice broke the silence.

"Oh hyung" The guy said. "Namjoon needs you-" He was cut short when he saw Hyemi on Yoongi's shoulder as if she had been kidnapped (which she had but you know what I mean). "Who's that?" He asked as Yoongi shrugged and noticed her asleep. He gently lifted her off his shoulder and picked her up bridal style to make it more comfortable for her.

"I found my mate" He said and a mansion came into view. It was enormous. There were tall pillars standing in front of the walls supporting the upper level and it had glass windows instead of walls on the upper part. Two Lamborghinis stood at the parking lot along with a few other expensive cars.

"Oh! What's her name?" The unknown male asked excitedly as he walked beside his hyung. Yoongi realized he hadn't even asked her name yet and rolled his eyes at how his dongsaeng knew more about girls than him.

"Shut up Jungkook" He said and entered the Mansion which was surprisingly open. He walked upstairs and entered his room with Jungkook following behind him.

"Are you already putting her in your room?" He asked once again ignoring Yoongi's previous comment. It clearly showed how he was used to Yoongi being rude for no particular reason.

"You got a problem?" Yoongi asked and laid Hyemi down on his bed. He took out a new towel and dried her off then got a pair of boxers and a casual shirt for her to change into when she woke up, leaving a note. Yoongi didn't forget to lock the door to prevent her from escaping and went onto his usual duties, claiming that he'll come back to her when he's done with his duties. 


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