Chapter 17

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Perrie P.O.V

I froze. She knew me. How did she know me I don't remember a woman at the lab.

"Y- you know me?" I stuttered. She smiled softly and nodded.

"Is your name Carol?" she took a step back, confused.

"Carol? As in Carol Wilkshire? Heavens no! Ghastly woman!" she cried, a disgusted expression plastered across her face. We glanced at each other.

"Liam did you bring the sheets?" Niall asked.

"Yeah, course," he replied, producing them from Louis' rucksack. He handed them to Niall who had a hand outstretched. He passed them to his nan who studied them for a second before placing them on the coffee table and dashing off to find a pen.

When she returned she also had some more pieces of paper.

"You do know quite a lot but you are missing some important details such as who was involved in this, who was there when they first created hybrids," she explained. We all nodded.

"These notes are good but too messy, so I've brought along some more paper and titled it with every aspect you need to know. So this one is on hybrids themselves. You know what types there are: cat and dog, male and female. But you don't know what different hybrids like. For example Harry have you ever had milk?"

"What's that?" he asked, confused. Niall's nan sent Niall to fetch a glass of milk and a glass of water.

"Hybrids aren't totally like animals, but they do share a lot of qualities with them. Perrie is going to be generally very active and Harry more agile. They both with have improved hearing and smell - better than us humans. Perrie, please tell me what is in my right pocket."

I stopped for a moment and sniffed for a bit. I could smell something but it was a jumble of two things. She had something in both of her pockets I just had to separate the smells...

"Your left pocket has a banana in it..." I began. Niall's nan produced a banana from her left pocket.

"And your right..." I sniffed the air again it was sort of subtle, really subtle, and had a sort of tang to it. It smelled a bit sharp as well... Then it hit me.

"An apple? A green apple?" Niall's nan smiled and retrieved a green apple from her right pocket. Everyone clapped. I leant back in my seat smiling stupidly.

"Perrie that was good but we will need to work on that."

"What do you mean... Uh-" I came to a stop realising I didn't know Niall's nan's name.

"Nina," she filled in, " And what I mean is you could do much better, so you have to practice." Niall had returned a while ago and now handed Nina the two glasses. She beckoned Harry over and asked him to taste the two glasses.

"This one is much nicer," he said pointing to the milk. Everyone laughed.

Zayn P.O.V

Nina whispered something to Niall who grinned and ran off. A few seconds later Harry and Perrie's ear perked up. Their heads snapped up as they looked around. Perrie got up from her seated position but Nina shushed her down again.

It was amazing how quickly their animal instincts could just come after a few minutes of playing around with them. Perrie was now constantly alert and listening to every sound she could hear and every scent she could smell.

"Go Hazza go!" Louis called as Harry darted off down the corridor and up the stairs. Perrie's ear were still up and alert.

"They're coming down the stairs," she informed. Only seconds later we heard a thumping from the bottom of the staircase. Suddenly Perrie let out a loud laugh. They were still a few rooms away.

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