Young and beautiful

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Harry's POV

" by lads ,I'll miss you all " I say to the boys.

Were at the airport and my flight is first to takeoff.

What an amazing tour ,I'm with the boys , hopefully we will spend time with each other during our break.

I take one last glance over my shoulder and see the boys waving goodbye

" bye " I wave and smile

I enter the plane and start to the fix my bags up on the cupboards.

I turn around and a couple of flight attendants greet me.

I take my seat and prepare my self for the flight.


The flight went by quick.As soon as I shut my eyes and reopened them , we where landing.


After clamming my luggages and all that handling business I head over to my Black Rover.

Someone from management had sent it over so I could easily get home without having someone drive me.

I put the luggage in and slide onto my seat.

I close the door and sit there for a moment.

Some thing is bothering me and I don't know what it is....

I just can't point it out.

I send my mom a quick text letting her know I've just landed and I'm heading over.

I start the cold engine and within minutes i hit the rode.

While driving i couldn't stop thinking about how amazing this year had begun.

The shows , the crowds , the beautiful girl ...

Not just any girl but that girl .... Jannete .

It's definitely a bonus she's a fan.When she's my girl I could sing to her and comfort her by singing songs , especially her favourites.

She was so beautiful.Since I spotted her from the stage she stood out, Something about her ...was different. I couldn't get my finger to it.

...... Ah that's right I feel a bit intimidated and kinda shy or scared. I don't know why but I'm usually super comfortable around girls but this one ......... I'm just not.

I really want to talk to her her.But she's so far away.

I try to process how I should try to contact her

...... My mind drifts off for a moment to the music playing on the radio.

I got it !

Ill DM her on twitter , I'm following her and she is following me.

Haha nice one harry , I smile feeling somewhat happy for my thought.

It think it was smooth and adorable how I gave her my shades.

I can start by easily say hi .. Yah that will work huh

Uhh why am I acting like this , she's just a girl

.... Yah a girl you like


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