Out With The Old In With The New

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3 months later


10:30 A

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10:30 A.M

It's been three months since that break up with Ace and I'd say I'm doing good. I mean every once in a while I have my days where I miss him, but we still talk all the time. If I don't call him he'll call me no matter the time. Of course he'll always be in my life because of our baby. We get into a couple arguments here and there, but we end up back cool like nothing happened I know it's real, but it's up. All he does is bribe me with food and then my pregnant ass is happy again.

Anyways so far my pregnancy has been wonderful Ace has been at every appointment with me faithfully and I appreciated that. Speaking of that I have a doctors appointment today in a couple of hours that I'm excited about because after this one we'll get to see what we're having. I really want a baby girl m, but you know Ace wants a boy. I guess either or would work as long as the baby is healthy.

This past 3 months I've been focusing on business and the baby I haven't had time for anything else not even Melody and Nia. I know they miss me and I miss them too, but I just been working and working. I would say life right now is where I want it for the most part, but there's always those exceptions you know.

Me: My appointment is at 12 today.
                              10:50 a.m
👶🏾 Daddy: I know what time it is I'll be there.
                             10:54 a.m

I rolled my eyes as I read the text from Ace I know he better lose the attitude for I hop through the phone and slap his ass. I didn't have time to argue with him and I already know what to expect from him when we see each other. Just the thought of us arguing got on my nerves really. Sometimes I be thinking he wants  to argue with me that's exactly why we can't be together for too long. It's safe to say that once we broke up things just haven't been the same.

I sighed as I thought about all the shit that we been through. I decided to take a quick shower and get ready. Thank God I wasn't getting too because I wasn't trying to  look like one of those girls who were carrying one child, but looked like they were having twins. I still have a long way to go to have this baby, but dang I can't wait to get my shape back. Snap back gone be real just wait on it.

Once I got out the shower I lotioned up my body in my favorite cherry blossom bath and body works lotion. I slipped on an all black bra and panty set and next was some grey tights and an black tank top. I wore a black and white wind breaker with some black shoes something very comfortable it was a must. I was simple, but still cute you know. I beat my face slightly and the thought of doing my hair changed my whole mood. I've been wearing my real hair lately and it's been growing so much since I've been taking these prenatal vitamins. I'll probably get a sew in soon because I'm tired of it in all honesty.

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