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Just friends

Bam and Hunter were shocked by Liam's outburst. Of course they didn't expect a warm welcome, but they hadn't expected this either.

"What's your problem dude?" Bam said angrily as he looked at Liam.

Liam glared at him. His eyes were raging with fire. Hunter had never seen him so angry.

"You are," Liam replied.

"you were supposed to come here alone," he said to Hunter.

Bam rolled his eyes, "Well that's not gonna happen."

Liam shot him a glare before he looked back at Hunter. He took a step forward and wanted to grab her hand, but Bam stopped him.

"Just give what belongs to her and get this over with," Bam sighed. He didn't even know this guy, yet the hate he was feeling towards him was out of this world.

"Fine," Liam scoffed and stepped aside to let Hunter and Bam into the apartment.

Hunter was honestly so confused. Why was Liam acting so weird? It's not like he ever met Bam before...

Hunter went in first while Bam followed close behind her, a little bit too close for Liam's liking.

Hunter's breath got caught in her throat when she looked around the apartment. Everywhere she looked were roses, more than hundreds of red roses covered every corner of the room. She was speechless and so was Bam, but not in a good way. For some weird reason it made her feel scared.

"I did this for you.."

Hunter turned around to look at him, "why?" she asked.

Liam shrugged, "because I love you.."

Bam rolled his eyes and looked at Hunter. He saw that she was having a hard time.

"So what? You think buying me roses and asking me to come over by a pathetic text message would fix things? I need time Liam, and you're not giving me that..," Hunter said, rubbing her temples out of frustration.

"I know you still love me," Liam grinned, "I can see it in your eyes."

Bam bit his lip nervously as he waited for Hunter's response. Did she really still love this cheating asshole?

Hunter sighed, "can we go home?" she asked while looking at Bam.

"Whatever you wa--"


Liam stood in front of the doorway, blocking the path to the way out of this hellhole.

"You're not going, we still have to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about," Bam said while he stood in front of Hunter protectively.

Liam clenched his jaw, "can you just shut the fuck up? I'm not talking to you."

Hunter could see where this was going, and it wasn't going to be good.

"Well that's too bad then because she's done talking to you," Bam said.

Liam shook his head, "what the fuck are you doing around this fucker anyways? He's a fucking Jackass, just like that stupid ass Ryan," he said angrily, "you're not dating him are you?"

Hunter shook her head, "don't be ridiculous."

"For how long has this been going on huh? Acting like you're all saint while you're the one who cheated on me first?" Liam rambled, making all kinds of false accusations.

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