Chapter Two

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"You've been in there for like two hours. You're not dead, are you?" I rap my knuckles on the door to the bathroom.

"No," she says back, "but it does look like I murdered a Smurf in here."

"I have to go to work," I tell her.

"Do you need the bathroom?"

"Nah, I'm good. Just wanted to let you know I'm heading out. Stop by the bar later. I want to see your hair."

Her laughter trickles through the door. "You should let me dye your hair."

I make a face of disgust but she can't see it, of course. "No, thanks, I'm good. I like my boring blond hair just fine."

"Your loss."

I start to walk away and then step back. "What is your natural hair color?"

She laughs again. "Wouldn't you love to know?"

I would. I so would.

Novalee Clarke might be the only girl in the world that I actually want to know. She's mysterious and alluring, and I love learning about what makes her tick. She's fascinating. It's probably sick just how much I'm enraptured by her, but I can't help but be drawn to her. She's like a shot of tequila and I'm an alcoholic—I just want one sip, but I know it won't quench the thirst.

I've always only been interested in sex when it comes to girls. I wouldn't say I'm a jerk about it, I'm always up front about that with whoever I'm hooking up with that I don't do relationships, so the fact that Nova is my friend says a lot.

I know Cade and Xander are convinced that I've slept with her, and I can't blame them for thinking that, because that's my usual MO but it kind of pisses me off at the same time that they can't see that she's different.

That we're different.

I shrug my leather jacket on and call out, "See you later."

I hear something fall on the floor in the bathroom and she curses. I shake my head, fighting an amused smile.

Grabbing my keys off the console table, I head out. I don't pass anyone in the hall or elevator, and, for that, I'm thankful.

I fucking hate small talk.

Outside, I head down the street, smoking a cigarette as I go.

The bar where I work is just down the street from the apartment so driving is stupid. One of the perks of living in the city is that I don't have to drive most places. I like getting out and walking. It gives me time to think.

The front of the building comes into focus, and like always, I can't help but be amused.


What the fork?

(Did you think we meant something else)

Restaurant & Bar

Est. 2013

Yeah, I work at a restaurant/bar called W.T.F.

The owner, Eli, can only be described as flamboyant. He's young, a little crazy, but a whole lot of smart.

W.T.F. has become one of the hottest restaurants and bars in the Denver area, and I'm lucky enough to be the head bartender.

Four years of studying music in college and I work at a bar. It's not ideal, but as far as jobs go, it's not the worst. Eli is cool and so is everyone else I work with.

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