The truth always comes out

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Connie pulled up in her usual car parking space outside the hospital she then took out her keys and then cried to her self she couldn't believe it she had broken up with the man that she loved he chose his best friend over her she was so upset. She didn't know that Charlie was walking up to the hospital and spotted her wiping her eyes so he went up to her car and knocked on the door and opened

"Morning Connie what's the matter?" He asked concerned

"Nothing!" She sniffed and fake smiled

"Now come on you know I know that you are lying what's going on?" He asked

"I can't face going in today." She said

"Why that's not the mrs Beauchamp I know have you spoken to Jacob this morning?" Charlie asked not knowing what had gone on and she broke down in tears

"Did I say something wrong?" He asked

"Me and Jacob have broken up!" Connie said

"Oh I am so sorry!" Charlie said feeling really guilty

"How could he do that the man I love just brake up with me and choose his friends side when all I am trying to do is defend my daughter!" She said through tears

"I don't know but what I do know is that you are Connie Beauchamp and I know that you will rise above this and not let it affect you and you are an amazing Mum and an amazing doctor so don't let him affect you!" Charlie said

"But I can't face him and see that he is happy round Elle I can't do it!"

"You can and I will be here and Duffy you know we are always here for you!" Charlie said

"Thank you!" She said and took a deep breath wiping her eyes and then said

"Come on let's go and face today!" She said

"See there the Connie that we all love!" Charlie said making her smile and they got out the car and walked in together grabbing a coffee on the way.

After the staff briefing Jacob followed Connie to try and speak to her

"Look Connie...."

"Don't just go and be with Elle cause clearly you want her more then me!" Connie snapped

"Everything okay?" Elle asked cheerfully

"Yeah just great you to be happy together!" Connie said in anger and started to walk away to the other side of the nurses station to collect some notes for a patient

"Have you to had an argument?" Elle asked

"We've broken up!" Jacob sighed

"Oh you told her about sleeping with someone!" Elle said

"What!" Connie snapped and then Jacob sighed

"Is it true?" She asked quietly and Jacob just nodded

"When?" She asked simply

"Look Connie...."

"WHEN?!" She shouted

"The night grace woke up!" Jacob said

"What!..." Connie gasped choking on air

"So while my little girl was lying in the hospital bed upstairs and I need your support as a boyfriend to be there and help me you went and put your leg over another girl!" Connie shouted tears slowly gliding down her cheeks now all the staff listening

"Look it didn't mean anything I was lonely!" He said

"Lonely!" Connie snapped and then scoffed "how could you I trusted you I love you for the first time I thought that I had found someone that I could actually see myself with but clearly you didnt feel the same even then so you have been lying for months that you love me and for what so I would be more hurt!" She shouted through the tears

"No I love you I love you more then anything I was down and lonely and I need someone there if I had realised that you needed me then I would have been there but you shut me out! Every time I would try and be there you would just reject me!" Jacob said

"Well what else was I meant to do my daughter was in a critical condition and you know that I shut people out you should have been there but you weren't and obviously you aren't the man I fell in love with!" Connie snapped and then walked off sobbing. Then Jacob turned round to find everyone giving Jacob evil looks

"How could you!" Cal said and then everyone walked off shaking there head at Jacob and he turned to Elle

"Thank you! I gave her up to stick by you and that's how you repay me thanks a lot!" Jacob snapped at Elle and then walked off.

Back upstairs in Connie's office she had closed her blinds turned the lights off locked the door and was sobbing in her chair then there was a knock on the door

"I'm busy!" She snapped

"Connie it's me!" Charlie said softly "and me!" Duffy also said softly so Connie got up and unlocked the door and fell into their arms crying so they guided her in and they sat either side of her and let Connie cry

"How could he do that!" She sobbed

"I don't know darling!" Charlie said softly

"I love him and that's what hurts me the most because I love him so much! I am so scared of getting into relationships because I am always the one to ruin it and just when I think that I am finally settled and happy he goes and does that!" Connie sobbed

"I know darling I know!" Duffy said hugging her looking at Charlie sadly seeing Connie that broken was upsetting them both

"What am I going to do now?" Connie said finally stopped crying

"You are going to do what you do best be the amazing strong doctor that you are and show him that you don't need him in your life anymore!" Duffy said

"But I can't!" Connie said

"You can darling I know you can because you are amazing and talented and you are a damn good doctor you don't need someone like him to ruin that!" Charlie said

"He's right," Duffy said "just show him what he is missing out on!" She said and Connie nodded so they all had a drink and then decided to go back down to the department and carry on the shift.

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