#29 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter 29:

"Can you just put one on and come out so that I can see it? We're wasting time." Jesse called to Sasha impatiently, tapping her foot as she glanced around the elegant yet casual little shop Nauti had brought them to as soon as she had asked him to go shopping.

"Just give me a second, I'll be right out." Sasha called out but Jesse ignored it just like she had the last eight times Sasha had told her that. Choosing to focus instead on Nauti, who seemed oddly at ease in his feminine surroundings as he casually browsed through the dresses. Seemingly not noticing all the attention he was getting from the other patrons.

All female.

Jealousy rose up in the bottom of Jesse's stomach as an extremely pretty woman purposely brushed past Nauti, drawing his attention long enough for her to flutter her eyelashes and pout seductively at him. Jesse took a step forward, ready to drag her away from her man by the hair and scratch her eyes out for even daring to try her flirtations on him, but she stopped abruptly when Nauti turned his head towards her.

All thoughts of jealousy flying straight on out the door when a slow smile curved his lips, the look in his eyes telling her every dirty thought that he was having about her. 

She didn't even notice the nasty looks she got from the other women there as she answered his smile with one of her own. One that told him that she was ready for anything he wanted to do to her, adding a little eyebrow wiggle with it which had Nauti throwing his head back and letting out a loud laugh.

"What do you think?" Sasha asked stepping out the curtained changing area, drawing Jesse's attention.

Jesse felt her eyes widen, threatening to pop out of her eye sockets as she took in the skimpy black material barely covering her friends voluptuous body. There was a piece that looped around her neck, separating into two strips over her breasts and came together at her waist, far under her navel. Her back was left bare and there were two slits going up her legs, ending just above her hips.

"What? What is it?" Sasha asked, panicked, when Jesse did nothing but stare. Her mouth opening and closing as she tried to think of something to say that wouldn't be too insulting.

"Is that the dress you're wanting to wear to the ball?" Nauti asked Sasha as he pulled Jesse into his arms from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder when she relaxed against him to critically look the dress over.

"Yes, why? Is it too much?" Sasha asked, turning back to the mirror.

"More like too little." He told her honestly as he slid his arms away from Jesse to search through the shelves close to them. "You have a great body but too many curves for a dress like that. You need something that covers a bit more skin but still screams sexy. You need a dress that says that you are comfortable with what you have while making the men at the ball wonder just what exactly it was that you have. If there is something else, something that you weren't letting them see. Men love a good mystery, especially when it comes to a woman's body, so we need to find you something that makes them want to uncover all those secrets." 

Jesse and Sasha stood side by side, avidly watching Nauti as he took out one dress after another, all of them gorgeous in their own way but putting them back each time.

"Are you sure you weren't a woman at some point?" Jesse asked with a tilt of her head, earning herself an amused smile from Nauti.

"No, but I was my mother's shopping buddy when neither one of my dads wanted to brave the shops with her. She taught me all the in's and out's of women’s clothes and of the wonders of bargains-slash-sales."

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