Chapter 14

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I think for the most of the journey I sleep. Joshua wakes me up to get me to eat something and I do, hungrily wolfing down a ham and cheese sandwich. When I'm finished, he says that we're getting off and then when we're on the second bus, I try to settle down and fall asleep again but this time it's more difficult because I'm not by the window.

Joshua notices my discomfort. He taps his shoulder.

"Sleep on my shoulder," he says.

I stare at him like he's grown three heads. "Wha—No!"

His lips twitch. "Are you embarrassed?"

I can feel my cheeks turn a deep red and I look down at the floor where someone's spat a disgusting piece of gum.

"No," I mumble but lean on his shoulder anyway. It's rock hard, so I take the jumper out of my bag and use it as a pillow. A few minutes later I'm fast asleep.

I think I wake up but I'm in a state of half-consciousness where I'm aware that I'm awake but unaware of my surroundings. I snuggle into the soft fabric surrounding my head and then I'm slightly aware of something warm and soft enclosing over my hand and the faint smell of lavender.

I don't know what it is but I drift off with my hand surrounding with a warm fuzzy feeling, almost as though someone's holding it.

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