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Every King Needs A Queen

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" Lacey, honey come on. We're going to be late for your graduation party! " 

I finish  the last peice of flat ironing my hair before spraying some oil sheen.

" I'm coming dad." I yell

Grabbing my bag,phone and headphones, i headed out the door and into the living room. As I alked into the living room I see my dad with like 50 million balloons in his hand that read " Congratulations" he was so proud that I graduated from High School and would soon be off to College in a few weeks. 

" Ahh, babygirl you look beautiful" he smiled. 

My dad was the overprotective dad.  When it came to me, he was crazy. But today, he seemed relaxed. He was happy. I knew that it was killing him inside that I would soon be off on my own, but today was different.

" Thanks daddy" I said as a hugged him. Taking the balloons out his hands. As I started to head to the door I heard sniffles behind me. I turn to see my daddy all teary-eyed. 

" Dad, don't cry!" I said as I hugged him once again. Seeing my dad go from macho man to a sensitive man made me smile. 

" I got you something princess" he says pulling out a necklace box from Jared. I open it to see a beautiful heart neckalce with my name engraved in it. 

"Aww daddy! Thank you so much. I love it." I said putting the necklace on letting the balloons fly up to the ceiling. I  hug my dad once last time and kiss him onhis cheek. 

" I love you babygirl" he said

" I love you too daddy' I said. " Now let's get to the party before mom starts calling. "


" Congratulations LAAAACCCEEEYYY!!" 

I turn to see my crazy best-friend Nina. 

" NIIIINNNAAAA" I yelled. We run to each other as if we never seen each other before.

" Oh my god Lace you look so nice. I can't believe your dad let you wear that short dress. "

" Oh shut up and hug me! "

We continue to hug for what seem like hours. Then we were off to enjoy my graduation party. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. There was so much food and different types of music. I was dancing with my family when I turned to see Nina sitting by herself at the table. 

" Hey, Nina what's wrong" I said as I walked to her.

" Oh it's nothing. I'm just tired" she said

" Oh really?" Knowing Nina since the third grade, she was always the wild one. So, I knew she was lying.

" Yeah, girl"  

" Nina, stop playing. What's wrong?'

" well, It's just that you'll be leaving soon and I'll be here all by myself. You're going all the way to Delaware and I'll be stuck in boring ass Staten Island. It's really starting to hit me that I won't see you for a long time." She said crying

" Aww Nina stop!" I said hugging her. " You know I'll always keep in contact with you and you can always come visit me at school. You have to get your shit together so we can be successful together. You're my best friend, I wouldn't trade you for the world, I just want to see you do good. I love you!"

" I love you too!" she said smiling

" Now come on and let's continue enjoying this party. Promise me no more crying until the day I leave. 

" I promise " she said.

And just like that, we went and danced the rest of the night away. 

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