31 - Foolin' Around

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Midtown High's theatre was darkened but there was an excited chatter filling the space. I was seated next to Peter, his hand placed lightly on my knee. The stage was doused in pinkish light, the final scene coming to an end and the curtains falling down with a final thud. A round of applause set off the room, everyone getting to their feet and clapping away. It was my second night seeing Mary Jane's play and that swell of proudness still filled my chest as she stepped back on stage, taking her bow. Gwen cupped her hands around her mouth, shouting out her name again and again. Harry was already hurrying to the exit, a bouquet of flowers in his arms. As the house lights flickered back on, Peter turned to me, his camera swinging from his neck.

"You don't mind if I quickly get some pictures of the cast for the newspaper?" He asked, giving me a smile. Students and family members scattered around us, everyone getting to their feet after the play had ended. Many were headed home already since tomorrow was a school day. 

I gave my head a little shake. "No, go for it. I'll meet you out front. I just want to quickly see Mary Jane before we go." 

With that I watched as he headed towards one of the senior boys still in costume, chatting to his friends. I turned back to Gwen, letting her lead the way to backstage where we found Mary Jane holding her expensive flowers, a huge grin lighting up her face. She was still in costume, her red hair dangling in loose waves and her face dolled up with stage makeup. "Hey, you did great." I greeted her, stepping in for a side hug. Harry was standing on her other side, a hand wrapped around her waist. I wasn't sure when but the two of them looked cozy once again, meaning Mary Jane had spoken to him about where their relationship was heading. The very conversation I was avoiding having with Peter. 

Gwen was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. "Did you hear me cheering?" She blurted out. "I wanted everyone seated around us to hear just how loud your fan club can be."

"I did hear, yes." Mary Jane nodded, glancing down at her flowers again. Even from here I could smell the soft and flowery scent flooding the air. It seemed Harry didn't cheap out on the flowers. "Thanks guys, for coming again."

It was nice seeing Mary Jane really happy. For months I had known she had liked Harry but I hadn't been keen on the idea. Harry had a bad reputation for playing with girls' hearts and that was the last thing I wanted for our sweet Mary Jane Watson. But it seemed Harry had fallen for her quite kindness and heart of gold. Gwen reached forward, flickering one of the red roses from the bouquet, her expression saying it all. "It must be nice dating a rich kid."

Harry grinned, tucking his arm around her shoulder and pulling Mary Jane closer. "It has its perks, wouldn't you agree?" He asked down at her, a wink sent in her direction. 

I watched as Mary Jane's cheeks turned a rosy pink. "Uh, let's drop this, yeah?" Mary Jane wasn't one to talk about her relationship in public, she was rather conservative in that regard. That only made Harry smirk again over at us. "Harry, would you mind getting my bag from the dressing room?" 

He nodded, "Sure thing."

The three of us watched as he headed off down the hallway, disappearing in the crowd of cast and crew members milling around. Still holding onto her flowers, Mary Jane turned to us both, a seriousness in her eyes. "Okay, I have a plan to meet Spider-Man." 

Ever since the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Mary Jane had gotten rather obsessed with meeting our new spandex wearing masked hero. Gwen had jumped onboard, wanting to know who was hiding behind that mask with superhuman abilities. All week the two of them were trying to form the perfect plan to actually get an introduction with Spider-Man. I crossed my arms over my chest, already shaking my head. "Are we really bringing this up right now? I thought we agreed to drop it? We can't just form some crazy scheme to somehow get Spider-Man to come swinging just to meet three stupid girls."

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