Orphan Girl (20)

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Hye guys its claire, sorry and thank you all for being so patient while i was getting this chapter up! it ook me forever to find time to write!! hahah

thanks again guys!

I'm also thinking about a a sequel for this story about Jason and Chloe, i dunno it was just an idea. i think that story would be so so cute!!

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Scott’s P.O.V

 I had a girlfriend.

Oakley was my girlfriend.

She was officially mine.

All mine, just for me.

While she slept with Jason, I thought I would help out and clean stuff up in the kitchen, just to help out Oakley and Kelly.

They were under so much panic and stress there past few days sorting everything out with Mary.

Mary, I didn’t know her very well, but she was a nice woman that deep down cared for Oakley, they fought all the time, but they did love each other.

It showed earlier today when Oakley stood up in front of everyone and spoke about her life with Mary. I started getting a little teary when she spoke about how grateful she was and how much Oakley wasn’t to pay Mary back. She was crying whilst speaking, but she held it all in for everyone else. She didn’t show any sort of weakness.

That was what Oakley was about. She didn’t want anyone to know that she was hurting, that she couldn’t deal with it all. People would always compliment on her bravery. She was brave, hell; she was one of the bravest person I knew. She wouldn’t tell anyone about her life, she was just starting to open up to me which I was so grateful for.

I walked into the kitchen and saw that Kelly was still in there packing away stuff in the fridge.

“Kelly, what are you still doing in here? I don’t think you have left the kitchen all day.” I smirked.

She jumped up obviously I caught her on surprise.

“Oh Scott, darling I had no idea you were still here.” She smiled.

“Yeah I just thought I would stay until Oakley fell asleep. Is there anything you need done around here?” I asked.

“Oh no, don’t you worry about it. You can crash on the couch tonight if you want. It’s up to you. I think I might go up to bed soon as well. It’s been a long day for all of us.” She smiled warmly.

“Go to bed now, I know where the blankets and pillows are. I’ll finish cleaning up here.” I nodded walking more into the kitchen so she couldn’t resist.

“You are so thoughtful Scott thank you.” She kissed my forehead and walked around the corner to the spare room. She didn’t want to sleep in Mary’s room which was fair enough. I don’t think anyone did, not tonight anyway.

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