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Cameron Dallas Imagine

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Cameron Dallas Imagine (1)

Cameron had been on tour with the magcon boys for about two weeks now and you hadn't seen him since he left. You didn't even have a text or call from him. The last time you did speak was just before he left and you were arguing. You had been really upset the he was going to be gone for a while and you wasn't allowed to go with him. You were really missing him and couldn't cope knowing the last time you spoke involved him walking out of your house and not saying goodbye to you. You decided to surprise him and go to DC , which was where Magcon was at the minute. You wanted it to be a surprise because you wanted to see his real reaction to you turning up. You were thinking about if you should text Matt your best friend, who was also part of the Magcon crew. You and matt had been best friends since you were little, he was the one who introduced you to cameron. You went school together and had always been like brother and sister. You decided to text him "hello looser! I'm missing you pal! I'm also missing cameron so much and i've been so worried, we've not spoke since we had that argument, the one before he left! I'm catching a surprise flight over to DC and i'll be there around 11.30 tomorrow morning! Can you pick me up from the airport and bring me to the hotel? Oh and please don't tell cam! I want him to be surprised, really surprised! Make an excuse to come and pick me up" you instantly receive a reply "Thats fine (y/n)! I can't wait to see you, i've missed you too! And i won't tell cameron, i promise! Ahha, he needs the surprise. He's not been himself since he's been out here! He just mopes around looking depressed all the time, i think he's missed you too! See you tomorrow flower" . You felt like someone had stabbed you in the gut. You wanted cameron to enjoy his time at magcon, and not to be thinking of you. You were also kind of relived that he had missed you too! It was getting quite late so you decided to have a shower, start packing your bags and have an early nights sleep". All you could think about was cameron. In the shower, you were thinking about cameron and what he would say. While you were packing your bags, you were thinking about cameron and if you to had a future together. You tried getting some sleep but you couldn't, you were thinking about cameron. You pulled the covers over you and curled up in a little ball. The flashbacks of you and cameron cuddling and kissing were going through your mind. You were wearing your bed shorts and Cameron's jacket. It smelt of him. You heard your phone beep. You checked it to see you had a text from nash, another one of the magcon boys. "Hey (y/n) matt told me about you coming over tomorrow. Don't worry i won't tell cam! I think your a great girlfriend and he is so lucky to have you! He's been so unhappy, he keeps talking about you and telling me how he wishes he didn't become famous because being famous means that he doesn't get to see you as much as he would like to, then he just starts crying! Bless him, ahha see you tomorrow" you felt happier, but you didn't text back because you were half asleep. You went to bed with a smile on your face. When you woke up in the morning you were still smiling and were so happy you were going to see cameron and the boys today. You ate some breakfast, got dressed and printed out your plane ticket and booked a cab to take you to the airport. While you were doing your makeup your phone beeped, it was a twitter notification. "@CameronDallas : Good morning beauties! Hope you're all good! Sorry for being a grump in the m&g's , missing someone makes you feel all kind of emotions! Love you all x" you forgot that you had his notifications come through to your phone. You knew this tweet was about you! You favourited it and let out a little tear.

6 hours later

"Please fasten your seat belts we will be landing in Washington DC in approximately 12 minutes". The journey felt like it had taken forever. It had only been 2 hours. You fastened your seatbelt and turned your phone on. You text matt " just landing, see you soon". You then turned your phone off and put it away in your bag. Your stomach turned as you were landing. You never did like the landings or take off's, you always had to hug cameron while they were happening, just to feel safe. You closed your eyes and imagined yourself hugging him. As soon as the plane landed you ran off as quick as you could. You had your baggy leggings on a vest top accompanied with another one of cameron's hoodies. You had your hair up in a messy bun and your sunglasses on to cover up the bags that were still under your eyes. You were the first to get off the plane. You went straight to pick up your bags. You picked them up and ran as fast as you could to the pick up point. You went through the doors and the first thing you saw was a horde of screaming girls. You guessed they were here for matt. Then you noticed a sign that read " we love you (y/n) " you couldn't believe your eyes! You knew that you had a few fans, but not this many. You started doing beauty videos 4/5 months ago and it was really starting to take off. You posed for photos with them all. As you possed for a photo with one of them you asked "how did you know i was going to be here?" the girl, with tears in here eyes managed to reply "Your mum tweeted that she was going to miss you and hoped you would have a good time in DC, so we figured out you would come to this airport" You finished taking the picture and said goodbye to her and the rest of the girls. You turned on your phone whilst looking for Matt. You rang your mum "mum delete that tweet please, loads of girls are here at the airport for me, what if cam saw your tweet! I can't believe you!!". You were really angry so put it down so she couldn't even answer back. You looked around for matt but, he was nowhere to be seen. You checked your phone to see a text from matt " i'm in costa babe, trying to avoid all your screaming fans! Don't want them to get the wrong idea seeing as cameron isn't her lol" you located costa and ran up to matt. You hugged and decided to shoot off before people saw you.

45 minutes later

"we're here (y/n) , this is the hotel" matt said as he pulled into a car park. "WOW, Posh! This is massive! It's beautiful". You had never seen a hotel so big. "Isn't it just, now c'mon, i'll get your bags. You go straight in, it's floor 5; room number 234, here's the key" Matt passed you the room key as he went round to the boot to get your bags. You ran straight in, you were so excited to see cameron. You went straight in the lift to floor 5. You walked down the corridor, looking for the right room. You stood outside, taking a few deep breathes. You could hear cameron and the other boys all making a lot of noise. "Ooooh smack cam!!" You heard nash shout! "Not all over my camera you idiot, i'm going to have to clean it now" cameron said. You guessed they were filming a smack cam video. You opened up your handbag to look for something sticky. Mascara... No! Spare socks... No! Hair mousse... YES! You got the bottle out and sprayed a tiny bit on your hand. You slowly opened the door. Nash turned around, you put your finger on your lips telling him to shh! Nash pointed to the bathroom, "he's in there" he mouthed to you. The other boys were all so shocked to see you. You walked into the bathroom to see cameron facing down to the sink cleaning his camera. You lifted your hand and ... "SMACK CAM!!!" You slapped him round the cheek! He turned round with a look of anger on his face, he noticed it was you. The anger disappeared and his face light up, it was the happiest you had ever saw him. He held your waist and picked you up, spinning you around. He put you down gently and kissed you. It felt so good to finally have his soft lips press agains yours again. He pulled you in for a hug, you rested your head on his shoulder. He whispered "(y/n) i've missed you baby, more than you can imagine! I'm sorry for arguing!" You lifted your head up " you too cam, you too!" You hugged him tight again. When you had finished you both looked up to see the boys recording you and cam. "Awwwww" they all said whilst laughing and giggling! "Shut up you lil fuckers, your all jealous because i have a girlfriend and you losers don't" cameron said walking towards the camera's whilst hitting the boys. Matt walked into the room. He winked at you. "Thank you" you mouthed to him. Cameron walked over to you "I can't believe you're here! What, how, why!" "I missed you so much and i wanted us to sort things out, to start talking again... So i got a secret flight out here and Matt picked me up from the airport about an hour ago" you replied. "Thats too cute! Now c'mon, lets go to my room! We have some catching up to do!" He said pulling you onto his back, giving you a piggy back to his room.

The End

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