chapter 14

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Enoch (pov)

I managed to catch Nidria as she collapsed, probably fainting in shock from what she had just heard. There were so many questions running through my head, and I knew I wasn't the only one who was thinking of them.

Who was Alfred?

Why is he so important to Nidria?

Is he the reason she stayed with Miss Avocet this whole time?

Miss Peregrine gently grabbed Miss Avocet's arm, pulling her off the sofa, and motioned for me to lay Nidria on it.

"Fiona, if you could be a dear and go fetch the smelling salts?" Fiona nodded at The Bird and ran out of the room. We all sat down, huddled around Nidria. I couldn't help but think back to earlier and the incident that had occurred in the library. Yes. I know that I had some sort of feeling towards the blonde haired girl that was currently unconscious, but I couldn't admit it out loud.

I felt uneasy around her, especially knowing that others could tell. I know it was wrong of me to yell at Olive, but I didn't know what to say and my emotions got the best of me. I made a mental note to at least try and apologize to both Olive (for yelling) and Nidria (for saying some unpleasant things about her).

Fiona ran back in, smelling salts in hand. Olive took them from her, heading for Nidria and knelt down by her. In about a minute, Nidria was conscious once again. She slowly sat up, glancing around the room. As soon as her eyes landed on me, they darted away and landed on Jake, who smiled at her. I felt an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. It can't be jealousy...can it? Why would I be jealous of Jacob?

"Nidria," The Bird began. "I know that is very unpleasant. I'm so very sorry about Alfred."

Nini nodded and looked down. "You didn't say he was dead, Miss."

Miss Avocet looked up, surprised, "Child, he was taken by the wights."

"But he can still be alive! They can be using him for his peculiarities."

Miss Peregrine intervened. "Nidria. We can't be sure he's still alive. I'm afraid we cannot waste time or resources trying to look for him. You are both safe here."

"None of us are safe." Miss Avocet said. "They set up a machine in my loop. They put it in the cellar at Blackpool Tower. They're still there..."

"The machine?" Miss Peregrine asked, alarmed, "The experiment. They intend to do it again!"

"This time he's using more ymbrynes," I chimed in, "He still wants to be immortal." Nini whipped her head up to glare at me and I looked down, feeling ashamed of my previous actions.

"Do hollows only attack peculiars?" We all turned to Jake when he spoke, looking at him in utter disbelief. He shrunk back a bit.

"Of course not!" Miss P said, exasperated. "They're monsters Jake, they'll slaughter anything in their path."

"Well...some sheep on the island were killed," Jake said. He was very uncomfortable all of a sudden.

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