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Hello, hello my lovelies! Welcome to my newest story, The Not So Super Hero!

As you can probably tell by the title and tags, this is going to be an action story with heroes and villains. I was writing up a few of said heroes and villains when I got an idea that I thought would be fun and I hope you think it is too.

How would you like to have your own hero and/or villain mentioned in this story?

They obviously won't be main characters nor a supporting side character but I would love to use them to introduce heroes and villains, likely have them shown on news stories or talked about by people in the book. If they are a hero they will likely work with the main heroes of the book or appear as back up. If they are villains, they will likely work for the main villains or wreak some havoc in town. Some may even show up to interact with our MC's or come to save a city, who knows!

If you would like to participate and have your own hero or villain in the story then stick around for the instructions and a brief description of the overview of the story.

If not, but you are interested in this story, go ahead and put this in your library or come back later to see if the first chapter has been posted.

Brief overview, please read this and the instructions before sending in a submission. The more you follow the instructions the more likely your character will be picked.

This story will involve mutants. There won't be any sort of magic, witches, wizards, demons, ghosts etc. These mutants will be humans with "superpowers" that they were born with though. Mutants are not in hiding nor are they unseen by humans. Mutants are part of society, working normal jobs, living normal lives, although, some work with the military to protect the world from mutants who use their powers for evil purposes. Please give your hero or villain a power or perhaps some type of technology that would allow them to battle against other mutants.


1. Please try to keep your submission to no more than 3. I'm not sure how many of these I will use so I want to try and pick different submissions from different people as much as I can.

2. If I choose your submission, I might only choose one of them. Like I said, I want to try and get as many different submissions as I can. I will let you know which I choose though.

3. Please come up with their 'hero' or 'villain' name, their real name, age (if a hero, please be 18+ , villains obviously don't follow laws so age doesn't matter), appearance, powers and, preferably, a bit about their personality. It would be more helpful to have as much information on them as you can possibly give me so when they do appear they can resemble what you had in mind for them. It doesn't have to be crazy specific since they will not be a main character or show up too often.

4. Does your character have to be human? No, they can be a cyborg or an alien as this is set in the future but I will admit that it will be more difficult for me to slide them into the story because I have to try and make it work with the overall plot line.

5. Does you character have to be a hero or villain? No but, again, if they aren't, I will have trouble putting them into the story because there's no guarantee their character would fit anywhere in the plot. They may end up just being mentioned by their name as a cashier or college student.

6. If you wish to draw these characters, you may. If you do, I would like to post the pictures both in the winner announcements as well as the header in the chapter that they appear in. If you don't want me to though, just tell me and I won't because it's up to you.

7. Obviously, I will give you credit for your own characters. Since two of them may show up in the same chapter, I will likely dedicate the chapter to another reader. However, I will leave your usernames along with which character you created in the bottom message to give you credit. If your hero or villain is the only one to show up then the chapter will be dedicated to you.

8. Hey, maybe you really like your own character and wanna use it in a story of your own, go ahead! I hope you do because that means you were really inspired and obviously inspiration is a great thing. Don't feel like because I mentioned them in my book that you can't use them, they are your character after all. I just want to make sure you guys know that :)

9. If you would like to change your submission, you may. Simply leave your submission that you want claiming that you posted one before but no longer like it. I will cross it out and remember to use the one you actually wanted. You can keep changing your submission until the deadline.

10. The deadline is in 2 weeks. It is January 20th so the deadline is on February 3rd. There is no time limit so if you post your submission on February 3rd at 11:59pm I will still accept it, or midnight, I'm not that stingy lol

11. The winners will be announced on February 4th so everyone had the time to give their submissions as well as give me time to determine the winners. I will post the winners as its own chapter so if this is in your library you will see it update, if not, I will make sure to post the update on my twitter and here on Wattpad like I normally do.

12. If you are participating, leave your submissions in the comments.

13. Have fun and do not feel bad if your submission was not picked! That doesn't mean I won't use it because, who knows, this story may be longer than I expect it to be. As I said though, if I end up using yours, I will tell you and provide the same treatment to you that I did the other winners.

If you have any other questions go ahead and leave them here.

If you plan to participate, you can tell me now or wait until you give your submission.

If you even want some help, feel free to ask. I know not everyone has made up their own character before but if you want his to be your first time and need help, go ahead and ask me. I really want this to be as fun as it can possibly be. Also, I will post reminders that the deadline is coming up, likely in a week just in case some people forgot.

I will not give a date of when this story will start. Like I said, it's still in the works so depending on how quickly I get the chapters out will determine its posting date. Obviously, it won't be until after the winning announcement so it will be a while. I will make sure to tell you all when it's posted!

Also, do you guys like this idea? Should I do more things like this? Contests or games with my stories? I thought it was super cool to get you all as involved as you can be! I hope you have fun. I know I'm already really excited to see what you guys come up with! :)

 I know I'm already really excited to see what you guys come up with! :)

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