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I look at my two friends and stand up. Their right, he will find out one way or another. I head to his apartment and knock on his door. James opens the door

James- oh hey Y/N

You- hey James, is Logan here?

James- yea, let me get him come in though

I step in and James goes and gets Logan. Logan soon goes over to me and hugs me

Logan- what's up?

I slowly take his hand and move is to the couch.

You- look Logan, there is something I should tell you...

Logan- you can tell me anything

I took in a deep breathe and looked him in the eyes

You- the only reason I don't talk about my family is because... I have foster parents. But my mom was abusive... she made me clean, make the food, and take care of her when she gets home drunk. And at the time I was just a kid, yet I know how to make pancakes and coffee. She calls and says that she has changed but I don't know.. and I know I should have told you sooner but I was scared

I started to tear up. Logan pulled me in for another hug

Logan- why would you be scared? You can tell me anything babe. I will always love you no matter what... and if anything happens I will be there for you, just call and I would be by your side in a flash

I laugh and smile at him

You- your such a good boyfriend, you know that right?

Logan- yeah I knowww

We both laugh. We then start playing some games just to forget about the talk. It feels better to get it off my chest. And I'm glad the Logan was supportive about what I had told him. And I'm glad to have met him and now, call him my boyfriend

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