Chapter 2: Hot Topic or Not

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Buttercup's P.o. v

I woke up to a darkroom, peaking at the alarm clock next to the nightstand, it read 4: 00am. I glanced over and saw brute still sleeping on her stomach, faced away from me. I saw my phone charging and remembered to turned it off yesterday. I pressed the button and waited for it to turn on, then I put in my password and saw five missed calls and six messages all by Bubbles.


Queen Bubbly

Who's house are you going to?

Why is your phone off??


Plz answer your phone!!!!

Is this about earlier!??

Hour later+

Hey, I just wanted to say IM sorry about earlier, I never knew you felt that way. I guess I was so happy that butch was my bf that I started to nuglect you. I don't want you to feel alone anymore, I understand if you don't want to talk right now, but whenever you do get these messages, I wanna hang out, maybe just you and me. See you soon Buttercup.

End of messages

I respond back and told her its ok, and I would like to hang out soon. I layed back down and drifted asleep.

I woke up again only to have sun in my face. I groaned and rolled over.

"This is proof that we are the same, not just in looks."  Brute said.

"True that."  I said getting up from the bed.

"Are you going home today?" She asked walking to the kitchen. I followed her and responded with a yeah.

"I got a few messages from Bubbles, she sent a paragraph saying how sorry she was and she wanted to hang out, just the two of us." I said as brute gave me a cup of coffee.

"That's good, I knew you would forgive bubbles first, you cant stay mad at her for long." Brute responded.

"Sadly that's true." I said taking a sip of coffee. "What about you and your sisters?"

"Well, I ran into brat yesterday at the arcade a few minutes before you came." She responded getting out pans and ingredients for breakfast.

" Did she say anything to you?" I pushed a little further

" Well, when I was looking for you at the arcade, she bumped into me. We kinda stood there, then she said Hi, so I said it back. I walked away to the Mortal Kombat game  and started playing, she slowly walked up to me and asked how I was, not really wanting to further the conversation, I said fine. She got the hint and said, and I quote, " Look brute, I'm sorry about what happened. But you have to understand that we love the boys". I said , Whatever, she started to walk away, then stopped. She said she wanted me to move back in with them and to think about it, then she finally left." She finished .

" What the fuck is moving back in with them gonna do for you guys?" I asked watching her cook eggs.

" I have no fucken clue, I also don't know why they think I would want to. I mean, I have my own place, job, car, why would I want to get rid of it?" Brute asked me.

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