Tweek x Reader ((EDITED))

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Warning may contain swearing and bad spelling •~• Sorry if it's short.

~Your POV~

At Tweek bros coffee

Tweek and I were hanging at Tweek bros coffee a calm vibe surrounded us while enjoying our classic black coffee. I was finally relaxed especially after all the fucking exams and test at school, everything was going well until Tweek's dad bursts through the doors and yelled, "THERE IS NO COFFEE LEFT IN SOUTH PARK!!"

Tweek started freaking out and shaking more than usual, he was having a really bad anxiety attack, I quickly put my coffee down and walked up to him, I lightly put my arms around his neck and put my head on his shoulder.

He hugged me back after a while he laid his head on my shoulder letting all his tears out, still in hugging position I lead him to the chairs and rub his back in circles lightly, trying to calm him down a little bit.

After Tweek was a little bit calmed down, I let go of him and wiped the last tear that strung from his beautiful bluey green eye, after wiping his tears away I grabbed his hands and said in a calm voice, "It's ok, it's going to be ok."

Tweek looked up at me and blushed then replied with, "No i-it's not (y-y/n) its n-not going to b-be ok, I can't live GAH!! witho-out coffee." I blushed because of his cute outburst.

"Yes it is Tweek, I know it is because I'm going to help you!" He was quite shocked, "o-ok if you GAH! say so" he replied with a blush.

"Ok let's see what is more addictive than coffee?" I said out loud with a questionable look.

"I w-want to t-try something GAH! b-but ITS TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!" I was excited to heard with but scared at the same time.

"It's ok Tweek you try whatever you want and I won't get mad, I promise." I said confidentiality

"Y-you promise?" I nodded my head and look at Tweek in the eyes. He took a deep breath and approach me, put his hands on both of my cheeks and pressed his lips against mine.

I was shocked then melted into the kissed put my arms around his neck and he moved his hands down to my waist and continued kissing me, he then pulled away, "I was r-right it is addictive" he said and kissed me again.

((WORD COUNT: 400))

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