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(Warnings: James Madison being so fucking confused over the fact he's in the future that he needs to lie down, Bf/n meeting James, Lafayette doesn't like Bf/n and he's not having it, Jefferson getting very as-a-matter-of-fact on Alexander about SH, Bf/n is a needy bitch)
James sat on the cot I had made for him next to the window. It was the next night. He rubbed his temples. "I didn't expect that when I would die, I'd wake up two-hundred forty years in the future. Eventually, I sat him on the couch and pointed him to the TV with a cup of coffee. He sipped the black liquid and his face scrunched up. "Ugh, what is this?"
"Coffee." Jodie chuckled.
"It's very...strong..." he wheezed, swallowing with a furrowed brow.
"Do you want it to be sweeter?" I asked.
He nodded. "Please."
I took the mug into the kitchen and put a teaspoon of liquid sweetener in it. James seemed to like it now.
"Two-hundred and forty years? How much has our dear nation changed, Thomas?" James looked at Thomas with an urgent expression.
Thomas looked at me. "It's half-decent. Right, Y/n?"
I shrugged. "I'm indifferent."
James looked out the window, his eyes studying the skyline of Manhattan pointing southward towards the One World Trade Center. It was the tallest building on the eastern hemisphere of the planet.
I had the TV on. They were covering another murder by the Cannibal, so I tried not to pay attention. I stared at the car below as Washy whined and scratched at my feet. James hadn't seen him. He was getting groomed yesterday. I picked him off and rubbed a hand over his soft fur. I carried him over and sat him on the couch. James stared at him. "Why have such a small dog?"
"I asked the same thing, Jemmy."
I grinned at the nickname Thomas had for his friend.
F/n looked up at the TV. "Oh my god, are you serious?"
Burr looked and read the caption out loud. "The Midtown Cannibal's accomplice arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder."
"Hopefully this helps curb your panic attacks, Y/n." Laurens pat my shoulder with a smile.
I chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, hopefully."
Mulligan calmly sipped his beer, barely drinking tonight. He sighed.
Alexander was back at his notebook again. He huddled over the paper like it was precious to him as he wrote and wrote and wrote on and on. How did this man not have a carpal-tunnel? He had already filled up three quarters of his first book! He writes like he's running out of time... again.
Lafayette at this moment was spaced out, staring into his bowl of oatmeal and moving the spoon around slowly in the thick mixture. Jodie snapped her fingers and he came to attention. "Huh!? Oh, Jodie..."
"What're you thinking about, Lafayette?" She asked him sweetly. Lafayette sweat as he gulped. "Do you need water?"
He nodded slowly. "Oui. Yes, I would love some."
Jodie got him a glass of regular tap water, he chugged it down and stood up. "I'm going to take a shower." Lafayette disappeared into the bathroom.
"That's the third one he's taken today." Burr muttered, confused.
"He's been antsy..." I say. Bf/n unexpectedly was able to come over. He texted me saying he was in a cab and would be here soon. I smiled and blushed. I can't help but think of our night of bonding every time I see or think of him. God, I love his deep, thick voice. I hope he wants more tonight because I sure do. I can't wait for all the-
"Y/n? Why is she blushing so darkly?" James asked in a concerned tone.
Thomas glanced at me. He analyzed my face. "Bf/n's coming over isn't he?"
I rubbed my neck nervously, "Yes." I chortled.
Alexander was sitting near Thomas now, putting away his book for the evening on his own will! That's new..
It was evident him and Thomas were arguing when I spaced out.
"Thomas, I'm not done... What you did to a fourteen year old girl-"
"What I did to her was something she wanted too, Alexander. Remember that debate? The one where you commented upon my affair?" Thomas bent at the knees and pet Washy as he perked up at the word 'debate.' Alexander nodded slowly.
"I was so utterly angry at you because my affair was out of love. Not sexual violence. Sally Hemings may have been so young..." he trailed off and shook his head as Jodie glared at him.
"Fourteen to be exact." Jodie tapped her foot. "My age."
Thomas shrugged. "Slaves were never expected to live long. She was technically already "married" to another slave who simply couldn't get her pregnant. Being in France changed my outlook on interracial relationships however... In France they were always allowed to marry outside of their race. If never mattered. Then, Sally was mine. I know the whole age thing is awful, especially given with how old I was... But, sleep easy knowing I never forced her."
Jodie's expression softened. "Okay... as long as she was fine with it."
Burr had been paying minor attention. He had taken a liking to literature from the Harlem renaissance. He was reading Red Badge of Courage quite diligently. Mulligan and Laurens were laughing and pushing each other around in the kitchen.
There was a knock at the door.
I opened it and hugged Bf/n. "Hey, babe~!" I kissed his cheek. He rubbed my back. "You act like you haven't seen me in a week."
"I know, I just missed you."
I lead him in and introduced him to James Madison. James was so official. It was laugh worthy but I held it in. It was all James knew, being official.
Bf/n shook his hand. "It's a pleasure. Im Bf/n."
James shook back. "Are you Y/n's courter?"
"Yes, I guess you can say that." Bf/n chuckled, winking at me.
I blushed and swooned. Jodie stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes.
Later that night, James fell asleep on his cot near the large window again. He had a really bad cough so I had to give him some cold medicine. That seemed to knock him out cold. Alexander was still up once again and Lafayette had just gotten out of the shower as I walked out to grab a glass of water.
"Bonjour, Y/n, how is Bf/n? Well?"
"He's good." I smile. "Hey why such a long shower?"
"Ah, I just needed some time to myself..." he shrugged and walked into the shared room. "Goodnight, Miss Y/n."
I walked back into my room, closing the door behind me. "Bf/n, why are the lights off?"
I snorted and turned them on to find him lying shirtless on the bed. He smirked at me. "This is why."
I groaned and shook my head with a dark blush on my cheeks. "You needy motherucker."
"You know it~"
Once again, thank god for soundproof walls...

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