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Without hesitation, Camila picked up her phone and dialed the number Lauren had left, convincing herself it was just to thank her. Two rings in, she picked up.

"Hello?" Lauren asked groggily.

"H-hi" Camila stuttered.

"Need me already angel?" Lauren said, Camila could practically hear the smirk in her voice.

"No, I m-mean ye- I just wanted to thank you for last night. F-for bringing me home I mean" Camila rambled out.

"Well it was my pleasure doll, you looked so cute asleep with your little paci I didn't have the heart to wake you. Speaking of your paci, you have it in right now don't you baby doll?" Lauren asked.

"Uh y-yes" Camila whispered, glad Lauren couldn't see her blushing.

"No need to be embarrassed baby, it's okay for you to like your binkie, you're only little after all." Lauren said.

"Doll, I know you didn't just call to say thank you, do you need to tell me something?" Lauren asked, putting Camila a bit on edge.

"Umm I d-don't really know how to" Camila said, clearer now that she'd taken the pacifier out.

"Well I'm pretty sure I have an idea, how 'bout I pick you up sweetie? You can come to mine and we can hang out?" Lauren asked.

"Y-yeah, I'd like that" Camila smiled.

"Okay angel, I'll pick you up in an hour, don't bother dressing up, I'll bring you some clothes" Lauren said before hanging up.

Camila smiled, putting down her phone and going to take a shower. She struggled a bit with her onesie, but eventually pulled it off, taking off the wet pull up too. Once she was all clean, she made her way over to her closet, but stopped when she spotted the package of pull ups on her nightstand. Hesitantly, she opened it, grabbing one and sliding it onto her body. They were still a little hard to walk in, but Camila brushed the slight embarrassment off, going to get dressed.

Since Lauren said she'd have some clothes for her, she settled on a pair of leggings and a long t-shirt that helped cover the lines her pull up made. Letting her hair air dry, Camila decided to relax in the living room while Lauren arrived.

Soon enough, there was a knock on the door, and Camila shyly opened it to reveal Lauren.

"Hi baby doll, how'd you sleep" she asked sweetly, crouching down to Camila's level.

"Good" Camila blushed.

"Good, well I see you took a shower, let's get you dressed and we can go okay?" Lauren said, pulling a paper bag from behind her.

"Go put this on, and then I'll help you with your hair" Lauren said. Camila nodded, taking the bag into the bathroom.

She opened it, furrowing her eybrows at the childish clothing. But then again, everything Lauren gave her was childish. Camila gulped softly, but put the outfit on anyway, noticing how the little skirt barely covered her pull up.

 Camila gulped softly, but put the outfit on anyway, noticing how the little skirt barely covered her pull up

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