Putting the plan into action

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Blueberry was in the kitchen making tacos, Dream was having a nap on the sofa and Ink was painting. The three of them hardly had any time off from fighting The Glitches and they thought now was a good time to relax. "Hey Ink, you might want to see this..." Blueberry called from the kitchen. Ink walked in and looked out of the window, a portal was opening, another was not too far away and another was at their door that they didn't know about. "What do we do? Their coming for us!" He started shaking, memories flooding back, Ink hugged him to calm him down, "Don't worry, we'll wake up Dream and leav-" " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, HELP, INK, BLUEBERRY!!!!!" Both ran to the living room, Dream wasn't on the sofa where he was. "Ink... I'm scared..." Ink held Blueberry close, he didn't want to lose him as well as Dream, "Come on, we need to find Dream, I'll protect you." They exited the house, in the void, and looked around but didn't find any trace of Dream. "Blue I'm sorry but we need to split up, it'll be faster," "But what if we get taken too!?!" He had a point, just as he said that Blueberry was lifted up into the air with blue magic "INK!!!! HELP!!!!" Multiple red knives sounded him as well as large gaster blasters. "BERRY! NO!" A portal was opened beneath him, the blasters and the knives faded, and the controller of blue magic dropped him so that he fell into the portal, "INK, HELP ME!!!" The portal closed after him. "No! Berry! Dream!" Ink cried out into the White, he was alone, his friends could be hurt or worse, because he was a failure. "Heheheh, how does it feel, INK!!! How does it feel to be alone?!?" Error shouted at him from nowhere, "Show your self you coward!" "Who are you calling a coward." Error stepped out of a portal with Horror and Fresh?!? "Fresh?!?" "Ink?!? Bro, you said nothing about it being Ink!"  "Fresh, I thought it was obvious by now, who it would be." Ink looks at Fresh, scared that one of his friends would hurt him, "Bro I can't hurt a buddy, that unrad!" " Fresh, shut up! You will do as I say!" "SAYS WHO?!?!?!?!?" "I DO..." Error reached his strings out at Fresh and held his soul, "Do as I say..." Fresh shook his head, "Fine, you asked for it..." "Error! Stop!" Error ignored, Horror grabbed his axe and aimed it at Ink, " Shut up! " Ink barely dodged it, "Please, don't do this!" Error held Fresh's soul ready to destroy it when a better idea came to mind, Fresh struggled upon seeing his brothers manic smile, "heheheh..." Fresh started losing control as everything turned black...
Dream struggled in his brothers grip, Nightmare finally dropped him, "Brother... Why..." "Why do you still hang around those two idiots?!?" "Their my friends and I will see them again!" "What makes you think that? We have orders and we have permission to kill you when we want! He he he.Kid I'm so sorry Shut it trash bag!" Floweypossessed sent weird stem like wires at Dream and wrapped them around him, allowing his brother to attack him, Nightmare started off easy with some black, oozing bones and then added more and more with each attack until Dream was at 1hp. Flowey released him and healed him, "H-huh?"  Then Nightmare wrapped his tentacles around Dream allowing Flowey to attack, he attacked with "friendlyness pellets" and added more with every attack until he reached 1hp again, Nightmare released him but didn't heal him, "Let's take him back home!" Nightmare opened a portal to Dreamtale and walked through, dragging Dream behind him...
Blueberry landed on the ground with a thud, he started shaking, he's been kidnapped for a second time, tears welled in his sockets as Cross, Murder and Geno stepped out of the shadows. Murder and Geno immediately regretted taking him and were filled with guilt. Cross however was filled with pleasure at seeing the Sans cry. "That's it, cry like the baby that you are!" Blueberry looked up at his kidnappers, Cross, Murder and Geno?!? "G-Geno-o?" "Blue, I'm sorry, I-" "It's ok, I forgive you." "Ha, what a joke! You won't forgive him after what we do to you!!!" "What you do to him." "Huh?" "I think Geno agrees with me when I say we're not gonna hurt him." "Sorry Cross but you can tell Error to suck it cause I'm not hurting a friend," "Fine then, if you won't do it then I will!!!" Cross grabbed Blueberry by the arm and teleported away before they could protest. "No! Blue!" "Geno, we need to save him but we need to save Ink and Dream too." Geno understood, he just hoped that Cross didn't kill him, because Error said that anyone can kill at anytime. "Come, let's rescue Ink." They teleported to where Ink was fighting Error, Horror and Fresh.
Fresh had blacked out letting Error control him fully, they joined Horror in their attempts to kill Ink. Horror somehow managed to throw multiple axes at Ink when he only had one, while Error made Fresh attack using gaster blasters and pink, green, blue and red coloured bones. Soon enough, Fresh hit Ink which knocked him off of course, making it almost impossible to dodge any attacks so he only really could attack. A few minutes later Ink had 2hp, he braced himself for the final blow but it never came, he looked up and saw Geno and Murder standing over an unconscious Error and Horror. "Ink? You're OK!" Geno ran and hugged his friend "I thought that you were a goner"  "Geno?!?" Ink was going to hug back then he remembered...
Blueberry was lifted up into the air with blue magic "INK! HELP!" Multiple red knives surrounded him as well as large gaster blasters "BERRY NO!" A portal was opened beneath him as the knives and blasters faded, and the controller of blue magic dropped him into the portal "INK! HELP ME!"
End of flashback
"You... IT WAS YOU!!!!" Ink pointed at Geno and Murder, "wha- Ink?" "YOU DID IT, YOU TOOK BLUEBERRY!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?!?!?!?!?" "Ink calm down, just let us explain..." "EXPAIN WHAT?!? WHAT IS THERE TO EXPLAIN?!? YOU KIDNAPPED HIM, DONT YOU KNOW, WHATS ALREADY HAPPENED TO HIM, HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN!!!!!" Ink pushed them both away, "Ink please..." "...just finish me off..." "What? Ink we're here to help you. Please come with us, we need you to help save Blueberry and Dream before it's too late." He looked up at them, tears in his sockets, "We came looking for you because we realised that what is going on is wrong, we saw how Cross treated Blue and we want to put a stop to it." Ink stood up, and opened a portal, "come on, what are you waiting for?"

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