Chapter Twenty-Three

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A/N: There will be some PG-13 content in this chapter. If you feel uncomfortable reading that please skip ahead to the second section of the chapter. Thanks and happy reading to you all! <3


They still weren't at the point where they slept in the same room and it was mostly because Rachel was afraid she'd wake up in the middle of the night and scare him with her screams.

Most nights had been good since she'd come to terms with Simone's death but she wasn't one hundred percent healed and she preferred to save Hector from the guaranteed meltdown.

As they trailed hand-in-hand towards her cabin, they didn't talk but it was a comfortable silence.

She found that the flight had rekindled her spirit for training. It had been easy to think up there. The blank stare of the night sky had made her mind sharp and focused on what truly mattered which was winning the war against Nicolas. What did it matter if she was doing poorly as long as she tried harder?

"We're here." Hector announced, coming to a halt in front of her cabin door.

"Thanks for walking me back."

"No way am I letting you wander these ships alone, not ever again."

She went up on her toes and kissed him.

"What a gentleman."

"This is what perfection looks like, remember?" He said with a shrug followed by a dimpled grin.

A laugh caught in her throat as the lights up and down the hallway flickered.

"What was that?"

"I'm not sure." Hector peeled his eyes away from her face and up to the ceiling. The lights flickered once more and then returned to normal.

"A storm, maybe?" She asked uneasily.

"But there was no rain outside."

Hector craned his neck to look up and down the hall. It was late enough that most people were sleeping and no one came out of their cabins to investigate.

"Do you think we should find Copenhagen?"

"I'm sure it's nothing serious." He replied, returning his attention to her and giving her hand a squeeze. "Technology is imperfect. Sometimes things happen. Glitches, malfunctions, things of the sort."

"Okay," she muttered, unconvinced. She listened hard for voices or for an alarm ringing but everything remained silent.

"Hey, it's okay. Copenhagen said if Nicolas was coming we'd detect him with just enough time to prepare for a counterattack. If the flicker was because of him, there'd be a siren going off already."

"I suppose you're right. I just get nervous so easily these days."

"Well, I could stay if you want. Keep you company." He shrugged in question, leaving the choice up to her.

"But you snore." She teased.

"Ha, ha." He replied in a dry tone. "I don't know why I told you that, now you'll never want to sleep with me."

"You're the one that refuses to sleep with me," she pointed out.

He gave her another kiss. "I get the feeling we're talking about different kinds of sleeping."

"What I'm thinking doesn't include sleeping at all, actually."

Her cheeks flushed and she wondered where all the confidence was coming from. The old Rachel would have never in a million years said that to a guy, ever. But maybe she was no longer the old Rachel. Maybe she was someone else now, someone who was sure of what she wanted and wasn't afraid to say it.

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