Prequel definitely a sadist

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[adam jeremiah xaldon's pov]

i have tortured people before, and i will do it again.. nothing compares to the god like feeling of such power..

since childhood, i am definitely a chauvinistic sadist thet enjoys and finds pleasure in the pain of others..

my cousin, riley xaldon.. is like me.. he introduced me to a kind of game before.. the dying game.. winner takes all, loser dies..

since highschool, ganito na talaga kami ni riley, mga sadista, serial killer.. lunatics..

nagdecide kami noon to find preys.. the subject of our torture.. our game will be like this..

we will find our preys and give clues to each other as to whom is our prey.. paunahin kami na makuha ang biktima ng bawat isa.. the more na maagaw ko sa kanay ang mga biktima nya.. the more na manalo ako.. kumbaga, winner takes all, the loser will be the bonus prey for the winner..

ever since before, hindi pa ako natatlo ni riley.. he plays fair.. but whenever did i play fair?

marami na kaming natorture, at laging may concept..

yung first na tinorture namin ay highschool students, mga babae..

the second batch are beauty contest's winners..

oh what a feeling when we destroy the beautiful faces of those bitches na walang ibang ginawa kundi ang magpaganda..

but as the haunt progresses, it seems so redundant, monotonous..

pa-ulit ulit, wala ng thrill.. walang excitement..

lagi na lang na sa twing sasaktan namin sila, para silang mga batang iiyak at magmamakaawa.. 

their so easy, talagang walang thrill..

kaya riley and i decided to change the rules..

gusto ko yung may thrill, yung lalaban, yung hindi magpapatalo.. with the same and equal strnght like us..

and of course babae pa rin.. stupid bitches!

"jeremiah, i think we have found a possible prey.. the power 9.. nine friends.. Over achievers!" sabi pa sa akin ni riley as he handed me a picture of nine beautiful girls..

"bitches again.. baka naman katulad yan ng dati.. eh mukhang maarte eh.. riley, i told you, gusto ko yung lalaban.. kasing talino at kasing lakas natin.. this time, we will gonna play fair!"

"yeah i know, insan naman nagpapaliwanag pa ako oh!" sabi pa sa akin ni riley.. yes were sadidt pero pagdating sa ming dalawa, yung relationship namin parang sa magkapatid

"those nine girls are over achievers and man haters.. take note: man haters.. papakilala ko sila sayo isa isa and tell you their achievements" sabi pa ni riley as he put individual pictures of the nine ladies

"here's jemilline ysabelle jesuitas.. martial arts and fencing champion, olympic gold medalist.. in a fair fight, she could possibly beat the two of us.."

tinignan ko yung picture.. olympic gold medalist? eh mukha namang lampayatot..

"this is yoshida rei.. international ramp model.. 1st runner up americas next top model.. ang kakakiba sa kanya, before she join the cotest, she doesnt have any formal or informal background in modeling.. natutunan nya lahat in just two weeks and beat all the proffesional models in that field"

wow.. impressive.. easy to learn huh?

"jadis lewis fernandez.. corporal fernandez.. marine corps.. kakareceive nya lang ng award sa marines.. magaling sa paghawak ng lahat ng klaseng weapons.."

"this one, this girl is interesting, yanny mnemosyne, 14 years old.. cnn hero of the year.. in a fire in an orphanage, she rescued 30 infants that made her lost her right leg.."

brave? tigan natin kung hanggang saan ang tapang nyan..

"oddessa edelweisse swan, top ballet dancer in france; lieles wade forensic scientist and works for the cia.. ; amerose alejo billionaire at the age of 17, founded a multinational company; abhiegail francia award winning writter at cannes; Eloise Park Regalla inventor, chemist, especialized at nuclear weapons"


"i really guess that you have found the perfect preys, balanseng balanse ang mga may physical and intellectual prowess" sabi ko pa kay riley.. i am really impressed with his researches

"and heres the catch, my cousin, they are all manhaters! most of them have recent breakups"

manhaters! parang may tumatakbo sa utak ko ah..

i said we will fight fair.. but i change my mind..

i will use their weaknesses against them..

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